How To Save Calories At Starbucks

Let me introduce this beautiful little world to you: Misto.

Misto means steamed milk, typically half steamed milk and half coffee (or tea, or americano, etc)

For example, a grande non-fat latte has 130 calories while a grande non-fat coffee misto has only 70 calories. The great thing is, you can add the word misto to most any drink.

Coffee Non-Fat Misto
Americano Non-Fat Misto
Tea Non-Fat Misto

Add some sugar-free syrup to any of the above, and you have a delicious drink for few calories. Just remember to ask for non-fat.

My favourtie drink of the moment: grande, non-fat, sugar free vanilla, african red tea bush, misto

With a name that long, you would expect it to be packed full of calories; but nope, only 70 calories!

So next time you make a trip to your local Starbucks for a special treat, try a misto!

If you are just a regular black coffee drinker, this might not appeal to you. Though, I do love a regular Non-Fat Coffee Misto.

Not only does a Misto save calories, but money too! A coffee misto is much cheaper then a latte. Pay with a registered Starbucks and get syrup and steamed milk (on some combinations) free!

Starbucks Non-Fat Coffee Misto – Nutritional Information
  grande, 16 fl. oz.
    70     calories
    0       grams of fat
    10     carbohydrates
    0       grams of fiber
    10     grams of sugar
    7       grams of protein

(and no, I do not work at Starbucks, I just want to share the love of a misto)