My New Love; My Digital Scale

I have a new love in my life and it is my digital scale.

For the past few years I have had a few cheapo scales – that sucked – but got the job done. I picked one for 99 cents or at a garage sales – they would eventually break and I would replace it.

Finally after the 3rd one I said enough is a enough and I went and bought a digital scale. WOW – I am in love. This thing is so beautiful and so easy – I find myself weighing everything! Weigh my bread, zero the scale, weigh my cream cheese, zero the sale, weigh my smoked salmon… get the idea? AWESOME! And it really doesn’t take as long as it sounds, it probably took longer for me to type it out then actually do it.

And let me be honest here, this beauty was less then $20 after tax. Really not all that expensive. It sits on my counter and waits to be used.

digital kitchen scale

If you don’t have one – GO AND GET ONE RIGHT NOW! I honestly don’t know how I lived so long without it.

It is great for cooking and baking and all that. But it is especially awesome for counting calories (or weight watchers points). For example, my sourdough toast I had this morning – the nutritional information on the back goes by weight. If I didn’t have a scale I would have to -gasp- guess the calories and that usually leads to disaster.