My Body Doesn’t Want to Lose Weight

At least it sure feels like that most of the time. Here I am at 163.4(ish). I have been here for months. In fact I have been here for years. This is where my body has stalled over and over and over again for the past 3 years.

I am trying to just get past it, so far it isn’t going well but I am trying hard not to give up. I started swimming at the beginning of the month. I have been trying to go 2-3 times a week. I went on Tuesday and swam laps for 90 minutes; sometimes I do a aquasize class or two while I am there. I hope this change of exercise will get my body moving again.

I still struggle with the weekends. I am working hard at planning them ahead of the time. Tonight I am looking at making Light Chicken Francese. Tomorrow night I am thinking Petite Turkey Meatloaves with the garlic mashed potatoes she has linked in that post. I have made the meatloaf and potatoes before and they were fantastic.

On Saturday I think I am going to try to make something I have never made before. Like Enchiladas or Cabbage Rolls – healthy versions of course! Maybe homemade perogies with the Cabbage Rolls? Bad. Bad. I know. I find if I can plan, yummy but healthy recipes to make over the weekend it helps me to stay on track – especially if I buy all the stuff I need before hand; can’t let it go bad!

Sunday morning I want to make Oat Cakes… those are not so good for you. But we all need a little treat once and while. I will probably also make some different things to keep in the fridge to take for lunches and snack on during the week. I really do enjoy cooking!

Especially now with my “new kitchen” – okay new appliances. But it really feels like a whole new kitchen! No more dish washer falling on the floor and an oven with a light in it (that works!). But man, keeping a flat top stove and stainless steel appliances clean… it is an endless battle.

This past weekend I was in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia taking in some 2010 Winter Olympic Games! I got to spend lots of time walking in the mass crowds in downtown and as well I enjoyed three men’s hockey games – back to back – games 15, 16 and 17. A weekend in Vancouver equals not eating very well, but it is over now. Little sad because it was so busy I didn’t get to enjoy any of the things they have set up over there. We stood in one 45 min line up only to get in and find another huge line up. We gave up. Standing in lines for stuff isn’t fun. At least we were there though and we got to see the flame – that is the most important; right?
vancouver 2010 flame

I am going to try and keep this updated over the weekend with my cooking adventures and pictures. Keeps it interesting and more fun if I share it.

Enjoy your Thursday and…

downtown vancouver 2010 olympics

A Rainy Monday

The weekend is over.

I caved and I made spaghetti and giant meatballs for dinner on Saturday. I also made about 50 cookies – they were for my Grandma and I am not going to admit to eating half a dozen before I packed them up. I also made muffins… bran and berry, so semi healthy. The boyfriend kept calling them mini-cakes though. Sunday night was a family dinner with ribs and garlic bread.

On a plus side, I ate all my meals at home – even if they were not the best. And I did avoid making a fresh loaf of bread to go with the spaghetti. I also stocked up on fruits and veggies and made a big batch of healthy wontons for some easy week-night wonton soup dinners.

So the weekend wasn’t a complete fail. I even exercised on Saturday!

I am looking forward to go a week; however, someone did email a recipe for the deadliest caramel popcorn…. ever. I also wont admit to eating a few fist-fulls of that on Friday…

Starting the New Year Off Right…

Or trying really hard at least. That counts; right?

I must say, I am pretty happy that my weight has at least stayed the same for the past few months. I didn’t gain over Christmas but I didn’t lose either. The past few weeks I have been doing well; with the exception of the weekends – typical.

I have decided that 2010 is my year. I am going to do it this year… are you all with me? Of course you are! I have dragged out this weight loss journey long enough. It is time to get the show on the road and make it to 130 this year. How many years have I said this now. Going on four…

The weekend is knocking on my door today. Can I make it through the weekend without screwing up. I can only hope at this point.

The boyfriend has just told me he wants awesome pizza and spaghetti with a GIANT meatball. Just one ball, but GIANT. Who does that. A giant meatball? Would that even cook right? I don’t know if he will be getting his wishes.

Testing out WordPress from my BlackBerry

I downloaded the WordPress app onto my BlackBerry – I really hope this helps me to post more often. And if I post more often, hopefully it helps me to stay on track more. I really don’t think anyone reads this blog, but posting still helps me.

With the holidays just around the corner it is a dangerous time of year for most people. Hopefully this will really help me. I spend an hour on the bus everyday so it is a good time to post anyway!

Overall the app looks like it is going to be good. It was posting a bit weird at first but updating my version of wordpress really helped with that. From the looks of things I can even take photos with my blackberry and upload them right into the post from here – handy! I will have to try out the feature later.

Anyway, my eating today wasn’t overly terrible… hope I can finish it off with chicken and veggies for dinner!

A Much Needed Post…

I was doing so well, SO WELL. I finished the 8 week, 10k steps a day challenge… I got in my steps nearly every day and lost 10-11 pounds (fantastic for me)! At the end of October – right at the end of the challenge, I got really sick and took a break from exercising and my eating wasn’t great. And I have been struggling every since. Now we have company and my eating really isn’t that great and I am not exercising.

Again this year, I will not be making my Christmas goal. I think maybe that’s why I am having a hard time getting back on track – I am depressed. I really thought I was going to make 150 this year. But still being in the low 160’s I can see now that it is just not going to happen. I thought maybe 155 but even that seems impossible right now. I really tried so hard. :(

To top it off we got a new, wonderful king size bed and getting up early to exercise is just too hard! I know, I need to just get up and do it! The scale is going up… I need to stop this… This is the first step. Maybe even the WordPress Blackberry App so I can post more will help.

Goodbye September

September is over… well almost; few hours left. Where has this year gone? Every year seems to go by faster and faster.

I have been doing really well – I know I haven’t been posting, but that means nothing. The month isn’t completely over… but – I have lost almost 5 pounds this month, I have exercised almost everyday totaling over 2000 minutes, I have walked 10k+ steps a day everyday but a few, etc, etc. So it has been an amazing month! I will come back tomorrow with the real totals.

I have been doing lots of cooking and baking… nothing really to get excited and post about though. The weekend before last I did make a HUGE batch of wontons, 250 to be exact! Wonton soup is a great quick and low calorie dinner. I freeze my wontons in a huge bag. I boiled up some veggies and frozen wontons in chicken broth and dinner is ready in less the 15 minutes! One of these days I will post about wontons and maybe even share my recipe 😉

Anyway, just thought I should pop up and say I am still doing well.

New look for new times

It’s been two years, I figure the site needed a new look.  I also thought that maybe a new, fun – better look, would help keep me motivated to keep this site updated.

Things are going to change around here, at least I hope things are going to change.

Maybe I will even sign up for Twitter, not like anyone will actually follow me on Twitter – I mean who wants to see what I am eating for lunch? hah – actually that might be kinda fun.

It’s Tuesday… again!

Just a quick little post.

I have been good… really good. Maybe not really good in terms of some people, but really good in comparison to the last oh… year or so.

I counted. I actually counted and planned all weekend long. Thursday I pre-picked all my main meals for the weekend and I am very happy to stay, I stuck to them, and they were all fantastic!

I have been exercising, and eating good for over a week – with no bad weekend in the middle, YAY! I figure if I can keep up this for a few more weeks then I will be right back on track.

This is all for now, I will be back!

Feeling Good

I am starting to feel pretty good about everything.

Last week I was in Vegas – and actually did OK with eating, I probably gained 2 pounds – but not so bad considering my last trip. Took me a few days to get back on track but I have been doing really good since Monday.

I know 4 days is not that long, but two really good things have happened.

First. Last night I went to Boston Pizza for dinner. Before I left I pre-picked a meal that I had worked into my plan and when I got there I ACTUALLY ordered it! I hardly ever stick with it. Usually I walk in the door and see everyone eating something that looks better, but this time I order my Chicken Taco Salad – I even replaced the sour cream for guacamole – AND – it was absolutely delicious!

Second. I have dinners planned for the next four nights. I really want to be good this weekend so I am trying to set myself up for success by pre-planning delicious meals for every night this weekend. No take out or frozen pizzas for me this weekend. For a treat I am going to have guacamole and sprouted grain tortilla chips! I really put a lot of effort into planning, I think I will have a good weekend – my first one in a long time.

I figured if I can get in 2-3 weekends where I stay on track this whole thing will be a lot easier to stick with. I have no problems during the week – but come Friday night… But it is all going to change this week!