It’s Been a While

For anyone that actually visits this site I think it is pretty obvious that is has been a while since I really posted. In fact, it has been over two years. I keep this site going because when I do use it, it encourages me to eat healthier, count my calories and lose weight. I always hope to come back to it. How many times have a made a post similar to this? I honestly don’t even want to count. Okay, so I looked. This is my 4th… 4TH! blog post with this same title! I didn’t even look for posts with other similar titles. Fail right there.

A lot can happen in two years. You can get pregnant and have a baby and that baby can now be over one… That’s me right there. That is why this site just kinda died for over two years. Counting calories while being pregnant, having a baby and nursing is a lot of work. I try, I really do but some most days I just eat whatever I can. Whatever is easy. Easy isn’t always healthy.

Since having a baby I have found a whole new love for cooking. I always loved cooking but now I really love cooking. I love trying new things. These new things are not healthy. Not even a little bit healthy and they consist of a lot of carbs. I do eat way more fruit now though, so that’s a bonus…

Anyway, I hope to slowly get back at this and encourage myself to try a little bit harder. I need to lose weight, again. Sigh.

Cute New Lunch Bag

I couldn’t resist this super cute BUILT lunch bag in the store. I had to have it. I love that it isn’t big and bulkier like all my other ones and that it still zips closed. Perfect for packing my healthy lunches for work.

I have been eyeing up these bags for a while now – seen them in different stores around town. The best part is, I found it on a clearance table for only $5! Super excited. Can’t wait to pack my lunch it in… it is almost too cute to use… almost.

built lunch bag

I also found these mega cute cupcake cups… not that I should be making cupcakes, but I couldn’t leave them at the store. I am always looking for pretty ones and these were only $1!

cute cupcake cups

Back At It

Here I am, once making a post saying I need to get back on track. This is utterly depressing. I look on the side on the page and see this has been going on since 2007… actually 2006 but I started the blog late.

This time I really mean it. This is horrible. I have gained back almost all of the 50 pounds I once lost. Again. I guess I could kick myself but what it is the point, it happened but now the weight needs to come off (that is the important part, right?).

I am serious this time. It might be hard to believe – I am sure a lot of you may even be laughing at me. But this weight HAS to come off for real and for good.

After chatting with a friend I admitted that when I blog I lose more weight (I have always known). When I have the motivation to post what I made for dinner or a recipe I created it really helps me to stay on track and lose weight easier. So here I am starting over.

I have a confession…

I haven’t been entirely on plan. Maybe 1/2 on plan most days and a 1/3 others. I thought maybe admitting it would help me get back on track.

Even today hasn’t started off that great. But I can only try and make it better from here. Tonight for dinner I am making shepard’s pie, with lots of veggies and a mostly cauliflower top. I do mix one potato in with the cauliflower, I just find it make’s it taste a bit better. Looking forward to that. Plus it will leave lots of leftovers for the week.

I must pat myself on the back though, I did get in a few hours of exercise last week – yay! From doing none at all. Hopefully I can continue the exercising this week. They do say it is 80% food though and only 20% exercise.

My back has been sore for a coupe weeks now. Last week I started going to a chiropractor and massage therapist – hopefully another visit or two to each and it will be back to normal. I can still walk and ride my exercise bike though, so not using it as an excuse to not exercise. Hoping once it feels better to start swimming again one or two days a week – nothing extreme, but just a bit for something different.

I am never going to get to goal if I keep this up. Apparently, I don’t care either. Otherwise, why would I sabotage myself so badly? And all the time. I can stay on track for a couple days but then I mess up and this just keeps repeating itself over and over.

It’s Been a While…

And not because I have been bad or off track. Just – keep putting off posting I guess. The last couple weeks haven’t been the best, I am back in the 150’s at least. I can’t remember if I ever even made the initial post of me getting into the 150’s.

But basically I have had a really time with the 160’s – for three years I have struggled with it. I made it into the 150’s before my trip to Montreal – but it was shot lived and I was back in the 160’s by the time I got back. Figures. The 150’s really don’t want me.

Anyway, I made it back into the 150’s last week – this week was another bad weigh in, worse then last week, 159.8. But I am still here.

That pretty much catches me up on where I am. Except I bought a new camera! Don’t expect the pictures to really get any better though, it’s basically the same camera I had before but a few years newer. And until I learn how to really use an SLR camera they will be about the same. Auto mode is auto mode I guess; I don’t notice a huge improvement over the cameras (Canon XT vs Canon XSi.) Nice camera though, I enjoy the larger LCD and seems better in low light situations.


I need to get back in the habit of posting more, it seems to help me stay on track. I hope things will improve for me quickly; my boyfriend is making a better effort to lose more weight too – so that should help me. I think that is that for this rainy Friday.

A REAL Canadien Breakfast

This morning has already involved a trip to the famous Tim Hortons. For a coffee and a breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel… what is it about those Tim Hortons everything bagels that so good?

tim hortons breakfast

Calories are probably in the 500 range. But honestly, I am not really counting today.

Now onto the reason for my type on my title. Tomorrow I head off to Montreal – the city of the Montreal Canadiens (go Canucks go! I got my jersey on!). I have never been to Quebec so this is pretty exciting for me. The trip is short and going to be stressful. Let’s just hope the scale doesn’t go up too much from the city of poutine.

Bronze and Blue Limited Edition Chi Straightener

Because there is more going on then just dieting and counting calories! Friday morning started off bad… really bad. I went to straighten my hair – like I do most mornings – and my flat iron would not turn on. My beautiful hot pink hair straightener just didn’t work. Worked fine the morning before! I was pretty upset, it’s only just two years old and I paid a lot of money for it.

I was going to go without a new flat iron for a while. Thought I could make do with the piece of junk Conair I found under the bathroom sink. The thing is even cracked down the middle, but it turns on and does get hot. Boy I was wrong. Man that thing sucks – I don’t know how I ever thought it was good! Friday after work I did some shipping and found a fabulous deal on a CHI. Chi’s are supposed to be top notch – so I got this amazing deal and it even came with Iron Guard and Thermal Pouch!

bronze and blue limited edition chi

And look how cute it is! And it works amazing – especially compared to that conair thing! My hair is nice and straight but most importantly, so smooth! I don’t think it gets as hot as the one I had before but it works just as awesome – if not better!

And just look at the pretty pattern on it.
limited edition chi flat iron

Looking good means feeling good. And if you can have fun while doing it – even better! And seriously, putting some money into a hair straightener is so totally worth it.

Goodbye Loved Muffin Pan

I made Gina’s Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets last weekend. It was my second time making them. They are pretty good and nice and handy to keep in the fridge for a quick breakfast. Fantastic on an english muffin with some fresh tomato and hot sauce.

This was my second time making them and probably my last. Sadly after spending more 30 minutes scrubbing and scrubbing my muffin tray – I had to throw it out. There became a point where trying to clean it was a waste of my time. I ran it through the dish washer and soaked it in hot water and still couldn’t get it clean. So now the muffin tray has met it’s fate with the garbage can.

Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets

Goodbye my most loved muffin pan.

And to everyone out there wanting to make these – you have been warned! And yes I did spray them. Perhaps this is where a silicon muffin pan comes in handy.

Too Much Thinking for a Friday

I was thinking about what I posted yesterday and reading the comments that were posted on my sparkpage. After eating a ‘Girl Guy Cookie’ I am thinking maybe I am not trying hard enough. (the post for those cookies will come once I get pics)

I feel like I am trying hard, I feel like I am trying harder then before when I was losing. But maybe it is not enough for me now. Maybe I need more cardio, maybe I need to eat even less – maybe I need to *cry* weight train. I was/am hoping that swimming would be enough of a change. I can feel myself using every muscle in my body and they hurt for a day or two after. I know I need to give it more then four weeks, and I will.

It’s funny. I think back, way back to when I was losing weight. I ate so much processed food and hardly any fruits and veggies. I had such a different mentality then. What I feel was the wrong mentality and yet I was losing weight. Everything I ate was pre-packaged and processed. I thought 100 calories of chips was the same as a 100 calories of an apple. I would hardly eat all day so I could eat more at dinner. Yet I lost weight. Now here I am, eating the same size meals throughout the day and eating more fruits and veggies, whole grains and superfoods and I have trouble losing. Seems ironic.

On Tuesday I bought another 10 ticket pass to the pool. Yesterday I bought myself new googles – a 3 pack from Costco to be exact. I also bought myself a Finis SwiMP3 Aqua Waterproof MP3 Player. The MP3 player will come next week I hope. The combo of all this should really encourage my trips to the pool. Once the 10 tickets are gone I am probably going to invest in a 3 months pass – I just wanted to make sure I was going to keep going. But after investing so much money into a 256MB MP3 player… I better! If I get a 3 month pass then I could go to the pool some in the mornings as well. I can only fit in about 30 minutes before I would have to get ready for work, so I hate wasting a ticket on 30 minutes. The nice thing is the pool tickets/pass give me access to the gym at the aquatic centre as well. If I really wanted I could do some weights and then swim.

Today was just depressing. The scale was actually almost 2 pounds HIGHER then Friday February 5th. Yes I had a few bad days here and there, but I had so many perfect ones that I would hope it would at least be the same. I always compare the first and last Friday of the month.

Last night I made the ‘Lighter Chicken Francese’ I mentioned yesterday. It was good. Not that great though. Mine seemed really thick compared to her pictures. Unfortunately my plans have changed for tonight; I need to go for dinner with my Mom. Wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t already agreed to a Sushi lunch with a co-worker. I just hate eating out, it is so hard to stay on track.

Tomorrow night I will do the Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Skinny Mashed Potatoes as planned. For Sunday I have a Pork Roast and a 2 pounds bag of asparagus. I think I should skip my plan for Oat Cakes.

Saturday morning I will be at the pool testing out my new googles. And next week I am aiming for more cardio and less eating – I hate getting my calories too low though – 1400-1500 should be good; maybe a little lower on days I don’t swim. According to sparkpeople 90 minutes of swimming laps burned over 1000 calories – is it just me, or does that seem too high? If that was the case I should of lost some weight by now! haha

At least it is Friday. There are some incredibly stressful and emotional days coming for me so let’s hope I can get things on track before they really start.

Sorry if this sounds a little depressing. I didn’t mean for it to. I am actually in a good mood and enjoying my Friday. Even if it is pissing rain outside. :)