PGX Daily

My scale is still broken, Thanksgiving is over (but still a fridge full of leftovers!), and no idea how much I gained. Eating was not too bad.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have started taking something called PGX Daily. Been taking it about two weeks.

“…PGX is a proprietary blend of naturally- occurring, water-soluble polysaccharides (fibres) and is the result of intensive clinical and laboratory research at the University of Toronto in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine. Research has shown that taking PGX with food slows gastric emptying and can reduce a meal’s glycemic index by up to 50%, contributing to healthy blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity.

PGX also helps control appetite by providing a feeling of satiety (fullness). The Ultra Matrix Softgel is a unique delivery system where PGX granules are suspended in a matrix of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) derived from purified coconut oil. When ingested it responds to the acidic environment of the stomach, where it starts to disperse and quickly becomes viscous within minutes. This phenomenon is referred to as “acid-induced viscosity”. The rapid dispersal substantially increases the volumetric potential of PGX, for a level of viscosity three to five times greater than other highly-soluble fibres. Because of this rapid dispersal mechanism, PGX Daily is even more viscous than PGX granules which can take 30-45 minutes to disperse…” (more here)

I take two pills before every meal. They DEFIANTLY reduce cravings and the feeling of being hungry. I find myself able to eat much less and don’t really crave much. Even when I am hungry it doesn’t really matter to me what I eat. So hopefully over time these will help – again so scale to really know! I did find the receipt for my scale so hopefully I can get it repaired under warranty – but I will see. I am going to try and take it in near the end of the week. I like not having it, but I am worried at the same time.

Even the past week with all the family here… I defiantly ate bad and too much, but not nearly as much as normal – they really do help with feeling full. I still made a few bad choices though. I still really want to be down for Christmas parties… but I need to make more of an effort. I never did start exercising again this week – my body has been really sore, from what I am not sure. I am feeling better today so maybe tomorrow morning.