What’s for Breakfast: Blueberry Yogurt Overnight Oats

This is such a quick, easy, delicious and healthy breakfast. I have discovered that I enjoy oatmeal more cold than I do hot so this is perfect for me. The toppings and things you can add are endless giving you an easy breakfast that can be different every day of the week.

Blueberry Yogurt Overnight Oats

This morning I added:
1/3 cup oatmeal
2/3 cup water
1/4 cup honey greek yogurt
1/2 tbsp ground flaxseed
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1/3 cup blueberries

Mix it together and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I use quick oats for mine so I often only let it sit for an hour or two before eating it.

Total calories: 305 calories

It really is perfect for a quick breakfast. I usually rotate between this and eggs; often hard boiled eggs because they are easy to pack and eat once I get to work.

Lazy = Frozen Meals

Back when I started this journey of losing weight and a better lifestyle I was against frozen meals. Well times have changed. I still don’t think they are good for you but they really do help with portion control and eating out. I don’t eat them daily but some weeks I do eat them a couple times a week – it just depends if I have dinner left overs.

I just don’t feel like spending 10-20 minutes in the mornings anymore preparing breakfast and lunch. Coming home to make dinner after a long day in the office can sometimes be bad enough.

Frozen meals can be expensive. I DO NOT buy them unless then are on sale. I also don’t always buy the “healthy”, lower calorie meals either. I find the Michelina’s meals often go on sale for $1 each at various stores. Most of them are between 300-400 calories – really not too bad for a lunch. Sometimes I add some veggies or a side salad.

I have tried a few different Michelina’s meals and they have always been pretty tasty. The Macaroni and Cheese is by far my favourtie – I LOVE IT. I loved adding diced tomatoes to it. Diced bell peppers work well too – if I am really adventurous even some spinach.
Michelina's Macaroni and Cheese

And for breakfast I was delighted to find the Weight Watchers Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwiches. The Weight Watchers meals sometimes go on sale for $2-$2.50. You get two sandwiches in a box, so $1 – $1.25 for one. Not as cheap as toast I am sure, but a little treat – something to hit the spot when you wish you could have a McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin. As a bonus, they are cheaper too!

The Weight Watchers Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwiches are 210 calories. With some fruit or yogurt it makes for a delicious breakfast. I enjoy a lot of the Weight Watchers meal but like the Michelina’s ones better because they are cheaper.

Again, not the healthiest meals but sometimes connivence wins. I also find I usually enjoy them and having a lunch ready I enjoy means I am much less likely to get take out.

Breakfast: Poached Egg, Smoked Salmon and Yogurt

What’s for breakfast this morning?

slice of sourdough, cut in half (105 calories)
half w/ light spread of light philadelphia garden vegetable cream cheese (20 calories) and smoked salmon (75 calories)
half w/ poached egg (75 calories)
side of 100g danone silhouette 0+ yogurt (35 calories)

poached egg and smoked salmon

Total calories: 310

I know I have said this before, but I am going to say it again. I really love eggs for breakfast. Usually just one egg – but they are so delicious, cheap and low of calories. Served with toast I find them very filling.

I don’t normally eat sourdough but there just happens to be a loaf in the house. I normally prefer high fibre toast – keeps me full much longer.

I used to eat a lot of egg whites from a carton – sure they are less calories – but they are no where near as delicious, and you can cook an egg so many ways. You can’t hard boil or poach egg whites. You could use regular eggs and throw away the yolks, but WHY, why waste the best part.

Did you know: egg yolk is one of the few foods naturally containing vitamin D.

Breakfast Time: Sourdough, Smoked Salmon & Strawberries

This morning for breakfast I had:

thin slice of sourdough (80 calories)
with laughing cow (35 calories) and smoked salmon (135 calories)
side of strawberries (60 calories)

sourdough and smoked salmon

Total: 310 calories

It was a delicious and filling breakfast. I really do find, eating a nice big breakfast with both carbs and protein really does help me stay full until lunch time.

A REAL Canadien Breakfast

This morning has already involved a trip to the famous Tim Hortons. For a coffee and a breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel… what is it about those Tim Hortons everything bagels that so good?

tim hortons breakfast

Calories are probably in the 500 range. But honestly, I am not really counting today.

Now onto the reason for my type on my title. Tomorrow I head off to Montreal – the city of the Montreal Canadiens (go Canucks go! I got my jersey on!). I have never been to Quebec so this is pretty exciting for me. The trip is short and going to be stressful. Let’s just hope the scale doesn’t go up too much from the city of poutine.

Breakfast Time: Lunch/Sandwich for Breakfast

Who says you can’t have lunch for breakfast? My boyfriend laughed at me for eating this – but hey, it kept me full, it was low in calories and I got to mix it up. There is no rule that says you can’t eat a chicken and veggie sandwich at 7am.

2 slices low calorie bread (I used dempster’s body wise)
laughing cow cheese wedge
few slices of chicken breast lunch meat
alfalfa sprouts
yogurt on the side

sandwich for breakfast

230 calories

The bread is 50 calories a slice but pretty sad looking bread. It gets the job done though – but it is not something I would buy often. Yes my normal bread is double the calories (100 a slice) but it is more then double the fiber and protein.

And guess what’s for lunch today? The same as above! See, breakfast/lunch – same thing but with some avocado 😉

Breakfast Time: More Poached Eggs

I really love poached eggs right now. Just writing this makes me want them again. So simple, delicious and healthy.

Here I had 1/2 of an english muffin with a poached egg on top. Turkey bacon, 1/2 an apple and a few strawberries on the side. Simple, quick, low in calories – the perfect, delicious breakfast.

poached egg, turkey bacon and fruit

245 calories.

One nice thing about a poached egg – there is no need to put any butter on your toast. Poaching an egg is a bit tricky – putting a splash of vinegar in the boiling water helps to keep the egg together. I also crack my egg into a soup ladle and then slowly lower the egg into the water. I let it sit for a couple seconds before I slowly slide it out of the ladle. This seems to work fairly well without being too tricky. Good luck with your egg poaching!

Breakfast Time – Poach Egg and Smoked Salmon

I put this together this morning in a matter of a few minutes and it was delicious. Some of my favourite foods right now are eggs (poached and hard boiled) and yogurt; so simple, yet both so delicious.

1 slice of high fiber toast (I love SiverHills Steady Eddie – 5g of fiber per slice)
smoked salmon, poached egg and a sprinkle of pepper on top of the toast
low fat and sugar free yogurt on the side (I had Danone Silhouette 0+ – Fieldberry)

smoked salmon and poached egg

Total: 292 calories (coffee extra)