Bell Plantation PB2 – Shipping Peanut Butter to Canada

Has everyone heard of PB2? Probably not, so I will explain.

pb2 powdered peanut butter

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter – It’s what’s not in PB2 that makes it so good for you. For starters, our special process removes 85% of the fat calories without the chemicals typically used in producing reduced fat foods. Something else you won’t find in PB2 is preservatives. What you will find is natural roasted peanut flavor that’s also available in a rich chocolate variety.

From the Bell Plantation Website

Basically 2TBSP of PB2 Peanut Butter is around 50 calories. Around 1/4 of the calories of regular peanut butter. I will admit that mixing powdered peanut butter with water sounds gross but the calorie count is really tempting. I read a lot of people bake with it or mix it smoothies, etc.

I have always wanted to try this stuff. See what it is like and at $16 it is not too badly priced.

I went over to the Bell Plantation store and added some PB2 Peanut Butter to my shopping cart and went to check out. The shipping costs of this stuff to Canada… is… $92.61. SAY WHAT? And that is the cheapest and only shipping option to Canada.

$92.61. $92.61. $92.61.
For some damn peanut butter?

I would also like to add that they ship UPS. Meaning when it comes to my door I would probably have to pay another $20 or so in UPS handling fees and another few dollars in taxes. FYI: UPS shipping to Canada is horrible. Just horrible.

My total for my order was $108.57 and that was for 4×6.7 ounces of PB2 (smallest order).

I bought a huge Costco 2kg size jar of regular Kraft Peanut butter last week. It was on sale for $4.50. I could buy 24 jars of Costco peanut butter for this price – that is 48kg of peanut butter. Let me tell you, I would rather eat that many jars of Costco peanut butter then pay $92.61 for shipping. That is outrageous. Living in Canada I am used to seeing high shipping costs, but never in my life have I seen anything as stupid at this and I shop online a lot.

I also don’t need to eat this crap to tell you that regular peanut butter tastes way better. Save yourself some money and buy your self some peanut butter from your local store.

You can order a sample pack for $4 and that includes shipping. But let me tell you, this company will never be getting my business.

$92.61 for shipping.

Fail Bell Plantation. Epic Fail.

PS – shipping within the US is around $10.