Take 2 – Swimming with Music: Finis SwiMP3 Aqua

I just have to say my experience with the Finis SwiMP3 Aqua was way better last night. The first 30 minutes of my swim was similar to my experience on Tuesday – couldn’t hear music in the left ear. After about 30 minutes I got out of the pool and fiddled with it – I jumped back in and continued to swim for an hour with only very slight issues! It was almost perfect. As perfect as I could expect for swimming with music!

It really is amazing now. I just hope it continues to work that awesome. The time in the pool goes by so much faster – I didn’t even want to get out last night.

I just love the feel of swimming. The feel of breaking the water, the coolness – the way I seem to fly and now I can listen to my favourite tunes while doing it.

Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds, Coupon Code

I have gone back to using my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs since starting my 10k steps a day challenge (I am doing great btw).

I love these videos because they are easy, a lot of fun, and I really feel like I get a pretty good workout.

So I was searching for Leslie Sansone’s new videos the other day and I found this coupon code that takes $5 off – WALK09. It actually seems to work on her entire site! But to top it off, I found a link offering three discounted DVDs and they already included shipping. So you can get two them for $5 shipped (in the US) and a third at $10.

5K With a Twist! $4.95
Walk this Way $4.95
The Big Burn – 2 miles of Intervals $9.95

The link is brought to you by Woman’s Day and can be found here.

Use coupon code: WALK09

I have to say I was REALLY disgusted to see that it was $25 to ship to Canada. $25 for a DVD is bit outrageous I think. Thankfully a friend in the US ordered me the 5k With a Twist!

September: 10k Steps A Day, Everyday!

That’s my goal for September – 10,000 steps a day, everyday! It is going to be hard, especially on the weekends, but I will do my best. There will probably be a few days where I don’t make it, but as long as I try I should get it in most days.

I made it yesterday!

And I am close today.

I am really loving my Omron Pedometer – it is really encouraging to see how many steps you take in a day. And I defiantly find myself putting more effort into making it going higher and higher. Like last night, I really wanted to see if I could hit the 15k mark. I almost went for a walk, but I was just too tired and had a VERY early night in bed. Sometimes sleep is just more important!

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Let the 10,000 steps a day begin!

I bought myself a present last night, an Omron Pedometer! I got it all set up and have tried it out a bit.

I clipped it to my pants this morning before I left for work. I even went for a 45 min walk during my lunch break.

7,000 – Not bad for day 1.

I am interested to see what it says at the end of the day. Will I make 10k?

So far it is pretty neat and I am enjoying it. Although, I do admit setting it up was a bit frustrating. I live in Canada. So I bought a Canadian version of the Omron Pedometer (HJ-112CAN) – there seems to be a few differences:

#1 24 hour time (very frustrating)
#2 CM – how big are my strides in cm? but the instructions tells me to measure in inches and then gave me a formula for cm – I was super confused at this point
#3 KG – how much do I weigh? I only know my weight in pounds! One plus, I weigh less in KGs then I do in pounds. 😉

Really my biggest beef is the 24 hour time. I suppose maybe now I will learn to tell 24 hour time. I wonder though, how does 24 hour time make it a more Canada friendly version?

Anyway, it is cute – pretty small. I joined a group of ladies on a website I visit; for eight weeks – starting labour day – our goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day. Can we do it? Better yet, can I do it? Omron, WalkerTracker.com and I are going to find out!

And where did this 10,000 steps a day thing come from? Off to google.

Didn’t last long

I exercised 3 days in a row and it stopped there.  There is a lot of family coming to town end of this week and next so I decided now wasn’t a good time to try and start back into the routine.  But as soon as they are gone I will.  I feel so much better during the day when I get up early and exercise.  Even though I am dead tired come 8pm.

Come Monday the 15th I will start again – every morning for 30 minutes.  That should be a good start.  Until then I am going to keep eating good.

Two days and some Wendy’s

I have exercised two days in a row! YAY!

Granted it was only 30 minutes on my exercise bike both days… but still. A step in the right direction.

Yesterday we went to Wendy’s and I am very proud to say that I got NOTHING. I ate a couple fries and a bite of my boyfriends burger and made myself something when I got home. I decided nothing there was worth the amount of points. Good call. Anyway and then today in my email HG’s (Hungry Girl’s) Fast Food Survival Guide: Wendy’s. A day late, but none the less a handy email. Next time I think I will get Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich – no honey mustard sauce and only 5 weight watchers points (7 with the sauce). Not too bad! The boyfriend had Wendy’s Baconater… 21 weight watchers points! Yikes. But with a name like Baconater what do you expect?