Sunday Night Dinner with my Favourite Recipe

Tonight I made my favourite recipe, a recipe I make often. Eat Shrink and Be Merry: Lord of the Wings (page 30.) The book calls them an appetizer, but I just cook my chicken (usually thighs) in the sauce that the recipe uses. It turns out delicious every single time and I always get compliments when I serve it to company. Sometimes I even use the same sauce recipe on pork chops too!

eat shrink and be merry lord of the wings

Lord of the Wings Sauce Recipe
1/3 cup your fav bbq sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp honey (I always leave this out)
2 tbsp lemon or lime juice
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp chili powder
4-5 dashes hot pepper sauce (optional)

I just mix all that up, dump it over my chicken and bake. The original recipe has you boil the left over sauce with cornstarch to make a dipping sauce… I never do that. I also make this so often that I don’t measure my ingredients anymore either – so it is never exactly the same; but, it is always fantastic.

There is another version of Lord of the Wings on their Food Network website. Similar idea with a different sauce – they cook the ones on the website a bit different too. Pretty much it is sweeter sauce and this one I posted is spicier. I have made both and I prefer this one, but the other one is good too.

Approx calories per one chicken thigh with 2 tsp sauce: 112 calories, 2.4 grams of fat, 14 grams of protein, 4 grams carbohydrates

Tonight I served my Lord of the Wings with The Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes. Another recipe I probably make too much. With all the olive oil it is not the healthiest recipe.

crash hot potatoes

For my vegetable dish I served Eat Shrink and Be Merry ‘Britney’s Spears’ – page 154. Looking at it I realized I left out the balsamic vinegar – oops! It was still very good.

eat shrink and be merry britney's spears

I usually just steam my veggies but tonight I felt like something a little different.

Dinner was delicious! Dessert would be chocolate cake, but one slice should be good for today… should be.


I am really starting to think the reason why I am not losing weigh is because I learned to cook. When I was successful in 2006 I didn’t know how to cook and I didn’t even try. Dinner was usually pre-portioned foods from the freezer isle. But now that I know how to cook… there is too much yummy food! Honestly though, the food is way healthier – except tonight, too much olive oil.

My Body Doesn’t Want to Lose Weight

At least it sure feels like that most of the time. Here I am at 163.4(ish). I have been here for months. In fact I have been here for years. This is where my body has stalled over and over and over again for the past 3 years.

I am trying to just get past it, so far it isn’t going well but I am trying hard not to give up. I started swimming at the beginning of the month. I have been trying to go 2-3 times a week. I went on Tuesday and swam laps for 90 minutes; sometimes I do a aquasize class or two while I am there. I hope this change of exercise will get my body moving again.

I still struggle with the weekends. I am working hard at planning them ahead of the time. Tonight I am looking at making Light Chicken Francese. Tomorrow night I am thinking Petite Turkey Meatloaves with the garlic mashed potatoes she has linked in that post. I have made the meatloaf and potatoes before and they were fantastic.

On Saturday I think I am going to try to make something I have never made before. Like Enchiladas or Cabbage Rolls – healthy versions of course! Maybe homemade perogies with the Cabbage Rolls? Bad. Bad. I know. I find if I can plan, yummy but healthy recipes to make over the weekend it helps me to stay on track – especially if I buy all the stuff I need before hand; can’t let it go bad!

Sunday morning I want to make Oat Cakes… those are not so good for you. But we all need a little treat once and while. I will probably also make some different things to keep in the fridge to take for lunches and snack on during the week. I really do enjoy cooking!

Especially now with my “new kitchen” – okay new appliances. But it really feels like a whole new kitchen! No more dish washer falling on the floor and an oven with a light in it (that works!). But man, keeping a flat top stove and stainless steel appliances clean… it is an endless battle.

This past weekend I was in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia taking in some 2010 Winter Olympic Games! I got to spend lots of time walking in the mass crowds in downtown and as well I enjoyed three men’s hockey games – back to back – games 15, 16 and 17. A weekend in Vancouver equals not eating very well, but it is over now. Little sad because it was so busy I didn’t get to enjoy any of the things they have set up over there. We stood in one 45 min line up only to get in and find another huge line up. We gave up. Standing in lines for stuff isn’t fun. At least we were there though and we got to see the flame – that is the most important; right?
vancouver 2010 flame

I am going to try and keep this updated over the weekend with my cooking adventures and pictures. Keeps it interesting and more fun if I share it.

Enjoy your Thursday and…

downtown vancouver 2010 olympics

Simple, Low Calorie Fettucine Alfredo

I really had a craving for fettuccine alfredo, after a lot of googling I found this recipe for Light, Low Calorie Creamy Fettuccine Afredo (with or without chicken).

300 calories for a serving of fettuccine alfredo? Unbelievable! Actually it is unbelievable, my serving was more around the 700 calorie mark, but it was a fair size serving. I only changed one thing, I fried a bit of garlic with my chicken.

The original recipe had 4 servings, I made mine into two – I like big portions. One of my biggest beef with “low calorie” recipes – they are only low calorie because the portions are so damn small!

I made the sauce from the recipe exactly the same and it came out to 153 calories for half a serving, not too bad.

Low Calorie Fettuccine Alfredo Sauce – Nutritional Information
    1/2 of recipe
        153     calories
        2.3      grams of fat
        5.3      carbohydrates
        0         grams of fiber
        13.2    grams of protein

I found that knowing the calories for the sauce separate was easier, because they I could adjust my calories accordingly. I had 1.5 servings of whole wheat fettuccine (405 calories) and approximately one small chicken breast (90 calories) and half a tablespoon of oil (60 calories). Bringing my total to 708 calories for a generous portion of fettuccine alfredo. That’s not a lot of calories for fettuccine alfredo, but it’s a lot of calories for one meal I think.

It sure looked good.

But honestly it wasn’t that fantastic. It was good, but not that good – not 700 calories good anyway. I found the sauce kinda lumpy and not that flavorful. I might make it again, but I sure wouldn’t make it often. I think next time I want fettuccine alfrado, I will just go all out.

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken


The Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken was a success! It was delicious!

Only a couple things I wasn’t sure about. Main thing was how liquidly it was – there was a lot of liquid in the bottom of the crock-pot – I drained the beans but not the tomatoes… wonder if I should of done that. Next time I think I am going to use less liquid, just use chicken soup mix and splash of water and the can of tomatoes – or drain the tomatoes – anyway, I will play around with it.

The extra liquid did not effect the taste!

We ate it on top of a brown rice – it was really good, but I wonder if it would be better on it’s own with a buttered whole wheat roll or something instead. Or maybe even on a sandwich – like a Pulled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich! Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.

before toppings

But it will still fantastic! Even my man said it was good. (two thumbs up!)

You couldn’t even taste the black beans! I am not a very big black bean fan, but I will use them if a recipe calls for them. Sometimes you can really taste them – but in this, I did not notice them at all. A HUGE plus!

I have never used my crock pot much but after this I can see how handy it really is. Come home from work to nice, low point, cooked meal. No excuses to eat take-out when dinner is already done! It was also quick to get ready in the morning before work.

I will be making this again!

Day#3: Patiently Waiting…

I am patiently waiting for dinner to finish cooking. It has been cooking all day!

I am trying another recipe from This time I am trying Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken – it smells and looks fantastic! Only 4.25 points (I am going to count as 5).

Just waiting on the rice to finish.

So are the green onions…

And the mozzarella…

And the dog…

Or maybe she is waiting for the cheese I just cut up? Yah, probably the cheese…

Rice is done!!

(oh! and this is day 3 of posting, yay!)