It’s Been a While

For anyone that actually visits this site I think it is pretty obvious that is has been a while since I really posted. In fact, it has been over two years. I keep this site going because when I do use it, it encourages me to eat healthier, count my calories and lose weight. I always hope to come back to it. How many times have a made a post similar to this? I honestly don’t even want to count. Okay, so I looked. This is my 4th… 4TH! blog post with this same title! I didn’t even look for posts with other similar titles. Fail right there.

A lot can happen in two years. You can get pregnant and have a baby and that baby can now be over one… That’s me right there. That is why this site just kinda died for over two years. Counting calories while being pregnant, having a baby and nursing is a lot of work. I try, I really do but some most days I just eat whatever I can. Whatever is easy. Easy isn’t always healthy.

Since having a baby I have found a whole new love for cooking. I always loved cooking but now I really love cooking. I love trying new things. These new things are not healthy. Not even a little bit healthy and they consist of a lot of carbs. I do eat way more fruit now though, so that’s a bonus…

Anyway, I hope to slowly get back at this and encourage myself to try a little bit harder. I need to lose weight, again. Sigh.

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