Healthy Planet Thai Coconut Soup

This is one of my favourite soups ever. Fresh, healthy and delicious. I picked mine up at Costco but I have seen it at the health food store and my local super market. I have tried other flavours but I LOVE this one. Such a wonderful taste. It is great on it’s own or with stuff added (like red peppers, spinach and shrimp!) I usually pair mine with a salad for a nice lunch. It does have a bit of a kick (spice) to it, but not too bad. You will never ever find anything this good from a can. Trust me on this.

It is slightly expensive, at around $5 a bag ($8 for two at Costco). There is roughly two cups a bag, not sure if the Costco bags are bigger. But it is totally worth it! Delicious! Calories are very low for how deliciously awesome it is.

Healthy Planet Thai Coconut Soup Nutritional Information
per one cup of soup
140 calories
9 grams of fat
19 grams carbohydrates
2 grams fiber
2 grams fat

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