Quick and Easy Whole Crockpot Chicken Recipe

I don’t often buy whole chickens, I find them more expensive then buying pre-cooked roasted chickens. But occasionally they go on sale so I make them for something different. I find cooking them in the crockpot the easiest, especially during the week. You really can do anything with the chicken, googing whole crockpot chicken will give you tons of different ideas. I was short on time (and ingredients) so I keep my recipe simple.

You really don’t need olive oil and butter for the chicken, I was just trying to enhance the flavour? Actually I am not sure what I was thinking, I saw it on a recipe I looked up and thought it looked good. I didn’t use a lot of either, but enough to increase the calories. I didn’t really measure anything.

Quick and Easy Whole Crockpot Chicken Recipe

Quick and Easy Whole Crockpot Chicken Recipe

1 whole chicken
olive oil
your favourite seasoning

1. Put butter inside the chicken. Brush on olive oil, sprinkle with your favourite seasoning.
2. Place chicken in crockpot and cook on low for 8-10 hours.

Calories are going to vary depending what part of the chicken you eat, if you leave the skin on, etc.

Easy huh? And it was delicious! I served mine with green beans.

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