I have a confession…

I haven’t been entirely on plan. Maybe 1/2 on plan most days and a 1/3 others. I thought maybe admitting it would help me get back on track.

Even today hasn’t started off that great. But I can only try and make it better from here. Tonight for dinner I am making shepard’s pie, with lots of veggies and a mostly cauliflower top. I do mix one potato in with the cauliflower, I just find it make’s it taste a bit better. Looking forward to that. Plus it will leave lots of leftovers for the week.

I must pat myself on the back though, I did get in a few hours of exercise last week – yay! From doing none at all. Hopefully I can continue the exercising this week. They do say it is 80% food though and only 20% exercise.

My back has been sore for a coupe weeks now. Last week I started going to a chiropractor and massage therapist – hopefully another visit or two to each and it will be back to normal. I can still walk and ride my exercise bike though, so not using it as an excuse to not exercise. Hoping once it feels better to start swimming again one or two days a week – nothing extreme, but just a bit for something different.

I am never going to get to goal if I keep this up. Apparently, I don’t care either. Otherwise, why would I sabotage myself so badly? And all the time. I can stay on track for a couple days but then I mess up and this just keeps repeating itself over and over.