New Lunch Container

Seriously I am pretty excited about my new lunch container. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and last night I found this at the SuperStore for $4! Basically its a larger container that you can divide into 3; kinda like an American style bento box. It even has an ice pack in there; though, I doubt I will use that.

Today I packed some salad in the bottom. Crab cakes and cucumber in the top! I still had to pack my dressing on the side though. Will have to look for a way to incorporate it in the box. I have heard of people using the silicon muffin liners to break things up in their lunch boxes; I am keeping an eye open at the dollar store for those.

New Lunch Container

Not the best picture but gives you the idea. Look at those yummy crab cakes, I can not wait for lunch time. Top view:


Anyway you get the idea. And as for today’s lunch:

2 baked crab cakes w/ chipotle lime dip
salad (romaine, cucumber) w/ light honey dijon dressing
sliced cucumber

Total lunch calories: 350 calories

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