The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Calories

I seriously love this Laughing Cow cheese – it is great and so low in calories. But, I have always been confused about the calories of it. My package says it is 35 calories for one wedge of Original Laughing Cow Swiss. It confused me because everything online said 50 calories per wedge for Original and 35 calories for Light. Finally I looked into this mystery and it has to do with the fact that I live in Canada and 99% of the Nutritional Information online is for the US.


So why is the Canadian laughing cow less calories then the US? Normally Canadian products have more calories, it is law in Canada to declare fiber calories but in the US they can omit them. A good example of this is Regular Fiber One cereal – in Canada a serving is 100 calories and in the US a serving is 60 calories. Technically your body doesn’t use fiber calories so that is why they don’t have to declare those calories or something… anyway back to the topic of Laughing Cow or La Vache Quirit as it is commonly called in Canada.

The reason Canada Laughing Cow Cheese has less calorie per wedge then the US is *drum roll* the wedges in Canada are smaller! DUH! I feel kind of silly for having to research this to figure out the answer. One Wedge in the US is 21 grams while a Canadian wedge is only 16.5 grams. So there you have it folks, our Canadian cheese is small. I personally find one Canadian sized laughing cow cheese wedge to be the perfect size.

If you haven’t tried this cheese yet you must! It is kind of like cream cheese but a million times better. Apparently they make all kinds of flavours of it; never tried them though. I buy my Laughing Cow at Costco – it’s about a dollar or two more then the grocery store and I get 4 times more Laughing Cow. So if you like this stuff, I strongly suggest you get it at Costco!

The Laughing Cow cheese is awesome on crackers, sandwiches, toast, bagels, fruit, pasta, veggies – the list goes on and on. This is one of my favourtie “low calorie” foods.

2 thoughts on “The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Calories

  1. mm la vache qui rit is awesome. I didn’t know they omit fibre calories in the states, weird!
    Oh I made the poppy seed loaf you had posted and it tasted great :). It took a lot longer to cook in my oven though.

  2. Hey Thank You!!
    I’ve always wondered why it was lower here, as well. Now I know why!!
    Hm, true. I think the Canadian size is just perfect for me.
    I was so far counting the original as 50 and light as 35 (and I wasted a lot of money ignoring the original ones in Costo but buying the light ones from regular groceries stores)
    Now I can just buy the original ones!!! (and trust me, originals taste so much better…)

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