Taco Time: Bite Sized Deliciousness – Mexi-Fries

For well over a week now I have been craving the hot crunchy goodness of some Taco Time Mexi-Fries (read deep fried Tater Tots) smothered in the famous Taco Time red hot sauce.

Last night I finally caved to the potato gem goodness. *cries*

taco time mexi fries

The first few were bursting with flavour and oh so good; the rest, were kinda meh. I also tried some limited edition Ranch Fiesta Burrito or something – it had beans, rice, beef, cheese, sour cream – totally not healthy at all. I only picked it because it was pretty much the only thing on the menu I haven’t tried before and it was only $2.99 (hey, I am cheap sometimes).

And no, I am not a Taco Time addict by any means. In fact I could probably count the times I have been there in the last 5 years on one hand. But I did work there for two years when I was in high school – that means I ate there a lot.

Anyway, damn those Mexi-Fries but I should be good for at least a year. I really need to get back on track.

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