Yummy Cake with Chocolate Icing

It’s Sunday and it’s raining and I have been bad. I have made a cake. Seriously though, I am so proud of myself because the icing was… good! I don’t really like icing and never have. I have made it before in the past and it was so gross. Even my little sister said something along the lines of, “you’re a good cook but this sucks.”

Yes, those are icing sugar lumps… I guess I should of got out of the beaters.

So I have always avoided making icing like the plague. I have been known to make my own cake and buy icing – least if it’s gross then it wasn’t my fault.

Anyway, today I really wanted a treat. What I really wanted was pizza and beer (damn commercials during the hockey game) – anyway, I was being cheap so I opted for a cake. Only because I had the ingredients. A boxed cake, but I needed icing. So I tried again. Just a basic icing, but this time I added some cocoa powder to it – and I left it kinda runny, and it fantastic!

One problem, a box of cake mix makes two round cakes. I can’t eat two cakes! I hope the boyfriend is hungry.

I didn’t measure but the icing was pretty much: butter, milk, cocoa powder and icing sugar. I melted the butter, mixed in the cocoa powered – microwaved it some more and then stirred in the milk and icing sugar. Pretty basic stuff really.

cake with chocolate icing

I had to use a boxed cake because I am actually out of white flour. I have decided I am not buying anymore white flour, having it in the house just leads to these types of problems. Thankfully there is only one cake mix left. I am going to have to cave eventually, not for now – no more flour!

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