What’s for Lunch Today? BBQ Chicken Wrap and Salad

I made this same lunch yesterday and it was so delicious I had to have a repeat of it today. Simple to put together too. I start off with a whole grain tortilla added some warm cooked chicken thigh, bbq sauce and hot peppers. And on the side I add a simple salad mix with some fat free italian salad dressing. 418 calories – and very filling. (sorry, no pictures)

I used one of those pre bought store cooked chickens – those things are seriously a good deal. I used to think it was expensive, $7 (@ Costco) for a cooked chicken? Try and buy your own chicken for less then that… and then you still have to cook it! Those pre-cooked chickens are awesome.

While I was at Costco buying my cooked chicken I picked up a pack of tortillas. Seriously Costco has some awesome deals – 15 whole grain tortillas for $4! Anyway, I got DEMPSTER’S® WHOLEGRAINS™ ANCIENT GRAINS TORTILLAS 10 IN – they are delicious! 180 calories a tortilla with 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. Not the best calorie count, but they are really good. I hear things about all these low-cab, low calorie tortillas. I have yet to find them here [locally] in Canada. Also, sometimes low calorie foods are not worth the extra cost.


Anyway, if you enjoy tortillas I highly suggest checking these out. I actually bought these to make a Mexican Lasagna for tomorrow. :)

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