Tip: Making a Lasagna Healthy – Add Veggies!

I really wanted Lasagna on Monday, so I caved and made one. But I put a bunch of veggies in it and you would never know.

Into the ground beef I ground, half a zucchini, 2 tomatoes, 2 onions and a hand full of white mushrooms. Next time I would probably add more zucchini and tomato. And into the cottage cheese I ground a couple cups of broccoli. I tried to use less cheese but didn’t measure.

Anyway it turned out really good. Next time I will measure what I am doing so I can post a recipe with nutritional information. An estimate tells me it was about 500 calories for a 6th of the Lasagna – I used one of those regular size Lasagna pan – so a 6th is a pretty huge serving! I just can’t be 100% sure because I didn’t measure my cheese or weigh my noodles. I tried to google “calories in one lasagna noodle” with no luck. So I don’t know the exact calories. But anyway, next time I will try and make a recipe post about the Lasagna. Same with my veggie packed Shepard’s Pie!

Honestly it did turn out really good, the boyfriend had no problem eating seconds and even thirds. And then eating more the next day for lunch… you get the idea.

I love packing the veggies into foods like Lasagna, Shepard’s Pie – because it is easy to hide them and lowers the calories of great comfort foods! Wontons are another food I grind a lot of veggies into. I love Wontons.

Must be lunch time if I am posting about food.

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