Take 2 – Swimming with Music: Finis SwiMP3 Aqua

I just have to say my experience with the Finis SwiMP3 Aqua was way better last night. The first 30 minutes of my swim was similar to my experience on Tuesday – couldn’t hear music in the left ear. After about 30 minutes I got out of the pool and fiddled with it – I jumped back in and continued to swim for an hour with only very slight issues! It was almost perfect. As perfect as I could expect for swimming with music!

It really is amazing now. I just hope it continues to work that awesome. The time in the pool goes by so much faster – I didn’t even want to get out last night.

I just love the feel of swimming. The feel of breaking the water, the coolness – the way I seem to fly and now I can listen to my favourite tunes while doing it.

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