Bronze and Blue Limited Edition Chi Straightener

Because there is more going on then just dieting and counting calories! Friday morning started off bad… really bad. I went to straighten my hair – like I do most mornings – and my flat iron would not turn on. My beautiful hot pink hair straightener just didn’t work. Worked fine the morning before! I was pretty upset, it’s only just two years old and I paid a lot of money for it.

I was going to go without a new flat iron for a while. Thought I could make do with the piece of junk Conair I found under the bathroom sink. The thing is even cracked down the middle, but it turns on and does get hot. Boy I was wrong. Man that thing sucks – I don’t know how I ever thought it was good! Friday after work I did some shipping and found a fabulous deal on a CHI. Chi’s are supposed to be top notch – so I got this amazing deal and it even came with Iron Guard and Thermal Pouch!

bronze and blue limited edition chi

And look how cute it is! And it works amazing – especially compared to that conair thing! My hair is nice and straight but most importantly, so smooth! I don’t think it gets as hot as the one I had before but it works just as awesome – if not better!

And just look at the pretty pattern on it.
limited edition chi flat iron

Looking good means feeling good. And if you can have fun while doing it – even better! And seriously, putting some money into a hair straightener is so totally worth it.

6 thoughts on “Bronze and Blue Limited Edition Chi Straightener

  1. I hope it doesn’t break on you! I paid a lot for a CHI and I used it less than 10 times in 2 years and one day it just did not turn on anymore. Huge bummer!

  2. WOW! My other one (different brand) just stopped turning off after two years but I defiantly used it more then 10 times. That really sucks. I hope mine lasts longer then that. I guess it can be pretty hit or miss. :(

  3. I picked it up at my local salon a couple months ago – haven’t seen any since. Hope you are able to find one! I still love it. :)

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