Too Much Thinking for a Friday

I was thinking about what I posted yesterday and reading the comments that were posted on my sparkpage. After eating a ‘Girl Guy Cookie’ I am thinking maybe I am not trying hard enough. (the post for those cookies will come once I get pics)

I feel like I am trying hard, I feel like I am trying harder then before when I was losing. But maybe it is not enough for me now. Maybe I need more cardio, maybe I need to eat even less – maybe I need to *cry* weight train. I was/am hoping that swimming would be enough of a change. I can feel myself using every muscle in my body and they hurt for a day or two after. I know I need to give it more then four weeks, and I will.

It’s funny. I think back, way back to when I was losing weight. I ate so much processed food and hardly any fruits and veggies. I had such a different mentality then. What I feel was the wrong mentality and yet I was losing weight. Everything I ate was pre-packaged and processed. I thought 100 calories of chips was the same as a 100 calories of an apple. I would hardly eat all day so I could eat more at dinner. Yet I lost weight. Now here I am, eating the same size meals throughout the day and eating more fruits and veggies, whole grains and superfoods and I have trouble losing. Seems ironic.

On Tuesday I bought another 10 ticket pass to the pool. Yesterday I bought myself new googles – a 3 pack from Costco to be exact. I also bought myself a Finis SwiMP3 Aqua Waterproof MP3 Player. The MP3 player will come next week I hope. The combo of all this should really encourage my trips to the pool. Once the 10 tickets are gone I am probably going to invest in a 3 months pass – I just wanted to make sure I was going to keep going. But after investing so much money into a 256MB MP3 player… I better! If I get a 3 month pass then I could go to the pool some in the mornings as well. I can only fit in about 30 minutes before I would have to get ready for work, so I hate wasting a ticket on 30 minutes. The nice thing is the pool tickets/pass give me access to the gym at the aquatic centre as well. If I really wanted I could do some weights and then swim.

Today was just depressing. The scale was actually almost 2 pounds HIGHER then Friday February 5th. Yes I had a few bad days here and there, but I had so many perfect ones that I would hope it would at least be the same. I always compare the first and last Friday of the month.

Last night I made the ‘Lighter Chicken Francese’ I mentioned yesterday. It was good. Not that great though. Mine seemed really thick compared to her pictures. Unfortunately my plans have changed for tonight; I need to go for dinner with my Mom. Wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t already agreed to a Sushi lunch with a co-worker. I just hate eating out, it is so hard to stay on track.

Tomorrow night I will do the Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Skinny Mashed Potatoes as planned. For Sunday I have a Pork Roast and a 2 pounds bag of asparagus. I think I should skip my plan for Oat Cakes.

Saturday morning I will be at the pool testing out my new googles. And next week I am aiming for more cardio and less eating – I hate getting my calories too low though – 1400-1500 should be good; maybe a little lower on days I don’t swim. According to sparkpeople 90 minutes of swimming laps burned over 1000 calories – is it just me, or does that seem too high? If that was the case I should of lost some weight by now! haha

At least it is Friday. There are some incredibly stressful and emotional days coming for me so let’s hope I can get things on track before they really start.

Sorry if this sounds a little depressing. I didn’t mean for it to. I am actually in a good mood and enjoying my Friday. Even if it is pissing rain outside. :)

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