Testing out WordPress from my BlackBerry

I downloaded the WordPress app onto my BlackBerry – I really hope this helps me to post more often. And if I post more often, hopefully it helps me to stay on track more. I really don’t think anyone reads this blog, but posting still helps me.

With the holidays just around the corner it is a dangerous time of year for most people. Hopefully this will really help me. I spend an hour on the bus everyday so it is a good time to post anyway!

Overall the app looks like it is going to be good. It was posting a bit weird at first but updating my version of wordpress really helped with that. From the looks of things I can even take photos with my blackberry and upload them right into the post from here – handy! I will have to try out the feature later.

Anyway, my eating today wasn’t overly terrible… hope I can finish it off with chicken and veggies for dinner!

A Much Needed Post…

I was doing so well, SO WELL. I finished the 8 week, 10k steps a day challenge… I got in my steps nearly every day and lost 10-11 pounds (fantastic for me)! At the end of October – right at the end of the challenge, I got really sick and took a break from exercising and my eating wasn’t great. And I have been struggling every since. Now we have company and my eating really isn’t that great and I am not exercising.

Again this year, I will not be making my Christmas goal. I think maybe that’s why I am having a hard time getting back on track – I am depressed. I really thought I was going to make 150 this year. But still being in the low 160’s I can see now that it is just not going to happen. I thought maybe 155 but even that seems impossible right now. I really tried so hard. :(

To top it off we got a new, wonderful king size bed and getting up early to exercise is just too hard! I know, I need to just get up and do it! The scale is going up… I need to stop this… This is the first step. Maybe even the WordPress Blackberry App so I can post more will help.