Banana Bread: Sweet Home Alabanana

This Banana bread comes from the cookbook Eat Shrink and Be Merry. It contains delicious bananas (obviously), oat brand, pecans and mini chocolate chips.

It turned out fantastic and it was the first banana bread I have ever made. I am actually not normally a big banana bread lover; but, the boyfriend requested banana bread, and banana bread he got. (plus it was a good excuse to try a new recipe)

There was a downside to this fantastic looking banana bread. It was delicious and the recipe made two loaves. Being on a ‘diet’ with two wonderful loaves of banana bread sitting around… well enough said. At least it came from a healthy cookbook; right? 😀

Warm banana bread, mmmmm….

Would you like a slice?

The calories in the Sweet Home Alabanana actually were not too bad.

Sweet Home Alabanana; Banana Bread – Nutritional Information
  per slice, 1/8 of a loaf (a fair size slice)
    173     calories
    6.4      grams of fat
    28       carbohydrates
    1.9      grams of fiber
    4         grams of protein

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