150 by XMAS

I was just re-reading the first post I ever made in this blog. August 22 2007. In that post I said I wanted to be 150 by Christmas. Since then two Christmases have past and well… I actually weight 13 pounds more then I did when I wrote that post. Sad. Really sad.


150 pounds by Christmas 2009. I can totally do it this time.

This morning my scale said 182.4. 32 pounds in 7 months – totally doable.

It’s Tuesday… again!

Just a quick little post.

I have been good… really good. Maybe not really good in terms of some people, but really good in comparison to the last oh… year or so.

I counted. I actually counted and planned all weekend long. Thursday I pre-picked all my main meals for the weekend and I am very happy to stay, I stuck to them, and they were all fantastic!

I have been exercising, and eating good for over a week – with no bad weekend in the middle, YAY! I figure if I can keep up this for a few more weeks then I will be right back on track.

This is all for now, I will be back!