World’s Best Sushi

SushiOh how I love thee.

In a lot of cases sushi is healthy and relatively low in calories. Meaning, nothing deep fried or covered in mayo or sauce…

Well this sushi fails at all of the above.

Deep fried tuna and yam, with lettuce and cucumber – and wrapped in a tofu wrap. Then drizzle with teriyaki sauce, mayo and hot sauce. Can you say YUM? *yum*

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I have NO IDEA how many calories or points this is but it is worth EVERY SINGLE bit of it.

When I want a treat, this is it. I would rather eat this then most other “bad for you foods” – I guess that is a step in the right direction? I mean this has to be healthier then pizza? Maybe? I will just keep telling myself that.

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