It’s Tuesday

Nothing really special about Tuesday, I just needed a title.

I was so good at posting there for a few days and then I forgot again – haha – least it was only for a couple days.

I had a good week last week, stayed on track and exercised. Wish I could say the same for this Easter Long Weekend – it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t perfect either.

Back on track yesterday… well almost, I did exercise and eat a few [oven] french fries, oh and two mini chocolates – but other then that it was a good day.

Today… I feel so tired and burnt out. I got up at 4:45 to exercise, stood in the kitchen for a few minutes and went back to bed. Got up at 6:10, showered and crawled back into bed until 6:40 – then I finally got ready for work! hah

This Saturday I am GOING TO LAS VEGAS! I am really excited – I also know I am going to fall off track, so the only thing I can do is do the best I can this week. I need to just stay on track. I don’t know how much I am going to exercise, I don’t want to be tired this weekend in Vegas so I am just going to focus as much as I can on eating good.

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