It’s Been Awhile

Like 6 months? Wow.  Talking about me being lazy.

What can I say, I don’t really have a reason for not posting other then laziness and lack of interest and posting on the internet.  Pretty much all of my websites and forums and groups have been missing me.  Maybe that is why I am still struggling with my weight.

In November I joined Weight Watchers for real – like actually going to meetings.  I think since November I have lost 8 pounds… pretty lame if you ask me.  I think I could of lost 8 pounds without spending over $300.  Not to mention I still pay for the online site! hah!

The last few weeks have pretty pretty decent – I got a new exercise bike and it is FANTASTIC – I was using it lots, took a week off and now I am getting back into it.  I even ate a WHOLE AVOCADO and a packages of sprouts! wow.  I like avocado, but never eat it when I buy it – but this time I ate it – 1/4 a day (2 points) – and I really liked it! I even craved it at times.  Weird.  I ate it on a sandwich with sprouts, tomatoes and deli meat – and it was FANTASTIC!  I have never brought sprouts before.  I also brought a Pineapple! I think I bought one once before and threw most of it away cuz I was too lazy to cut it up…. So I think MAYBE, just MAYBE things are turning around and I am ready to get back into things and actually finish this off.  (maybe?!?!)

I don’t think I am really down at all since my last post.  Figures.  I took that PGX stuff for a bit – used the whole bottle – I think it was helping with my appetite but it was expensive and I am cheap, and I don’t wanna rely on pills.

Anyway, I will try and post more – I need this.  I am still in the 180’s – more then anything I just want to see the 160’s and get back to where I was before I started sucking so bad.  3 years I have been trying this – least I am still down over 30 pounds from then!  I need to think positive.

OMG and my Scale! It works again!  YAY!  I left it for a while, let it chill and relax and then tried it again a month or two ago and it works! *happy dance*

Today I will stay within my points and I will drink AT LEAST 4 of my bottles of a water.

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