Feeling Good

I am starting to feel pretty good about everything.

Last week I was in Vegas – and actually did OK with eating, I probably gained 2 pounds – but not so bad considering my last trip. Took me a few days to get back on track but I have been doing really good since Monday.

I know 4 days is not that long, but two really good things have happened.

First. Last night I went to Boston Pizza for dinner. Before I left I pre-picked a meal that I had worked into my plan and when I got there I ACTUALLY ordered it! I hardly ever stick with it. Usually I walk in the door and see everyone eating something that looks better, but this time I order my Chicken Taco Salad – I even replaced the sour cream for guacamole – AND – it was absolutely delicious!

Second. I have dinners planned for the next four nights. I really want to be good this weekend so I am trying to set myself up for success by pre-planning delicious meals for every night this weekend. No take out or frozen pizzas for me this weekend. For a treat I am going to have guacamole and sprouted grain tortilla chips! I really put a lot of effort into planning, I think I will have a good weekend – my first one in a long time.

I figured if I can get in 2-3 weekends where I stay on track this whole thing will be a lot easier to stick with. I have no problems during the week – but come Friday night… But it is all going to change this week!

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