Day #2

OH MY GOSH! Look at me posting TWO DAYS in a ROW! Crazy!

Yesterday I did what I said, I stayed within my points AND drank my water. I didn’t drink 4 bottles like I said, but I drank a lot of glasses – so I think I was safe!

As for today, I WILL stay within my points and drink at least 4 bottles of water. AND I already exercised! yay!

So yesterday when I was looking around I saw someone talking about this weight watchers recipe blog thingy. I was like meh – another one. But then I checked it out – wow – a FANTASTIC site!

After looking at the site yesterday I made a list and went to the store so I could do some cooking! So last night I made her Petite Turkey Meatloaves and Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes – served with steamed broccoli it was a delicious dinner for less then 8 points! I made a couple small changes to the meatloaf – I added more onion, some minced celery and grated carrot and I made ‘muffins’ rather then mini loaves (it made 10 ‘muffins’). Yum! I should have taken some photos – maybe next time! This blog really needs some photos or something – it is kinda boring.

Left overs for dinner tonight!

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