Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken


The Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken was a success! It was delicious!

Only a couple things I wasn’t sure about. Main thing was how liquidly it was – there was a lot of liquid in the bottom of the crock-pot – I drained the beans but not the tomatoes… wonder if I should of done that. Next time I think I am going to use less liquid, just use chicken soup mix and splash of water and the can of tomatoes – or drain the tomatoes – anyway, I will play around with it.

The extra liquid did not effect the taste!

We ate it on top of a brown rice – it was really good, but I wonder if it would be better on it’s own with a buttered whole wheat roll or something instead. Or maybe even on a sandwich – like a Pulled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich! Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.

before toppings

But it will still fantastic! Even my man said it was good. (two thumbs up!)

You couldn’t even taste the black beans! I am not a very big black bean fan, but I will use them if a recipe calls for them. Sometimes you can really taste them – but in this, I did not notice them at all. A HUGE plus!

I have never used my crock pot much but after this I can see how handy it really is. Come home from work to nice, low point, cooked meal. No excuses to eat take-out when dinner is already done! It was also quick to get ready in the morning before work.

I will be making this again!

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