Feeling Good

I am starting to feel pretty good about everything.

Last week I was in Vegas – and actually did OK with eating, I probably gained 2 pounds – but not so bad considering my last trip. Took me a few days to get back on track but I have been doing really good since Monday.

I know 4 days is not that long, but two really good things have happened.

First. Last night I went to Boston Pizza for dinner. Before I left I pre-picked a meal that I had worked into my plan and when I got there I ACTUALLY ordered it! I hardly ever stick with it. Usually I walk in the door and see everyone eating something that looks better, but this time I order my Chicken Taco Salad – I even replaced the sour cream for guacamole – AND – it was absolutely delicious!

Second. I have dinners planned for the next four nights. I really want to be good this weekend so I am trying to set myself up for success by pre-planning delicious meals for every night this weekend. No take out or frozen pizzas for me this weekend. For a treat I am going to have guacamole and sprouted grain tortilla chips! I really put a lot of effort into planning, I think I will have a good weekend – my first one in a long time.

I figured if I can get in 2-3 weekends where I stay on track this whole thing will be a lot easier to stick with. I have no problems during the week – but come Friday night… But it is all going to change this week!

It’s Tuesday

Nothing really special about Tuesday, I just needed a title.

I was so good at posting there for a few days and then I forgot again – haha – least it was only for a couple days.

I had a good week last week, stayed on track and exercised. Wish I could say the same for this Easter Long Weekend – it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t perfect either.

Back on track yesterday… well almost, I did exercise and eat a few [oven] french fries, oh and two mini chocolates – but other then that it was a good day.

Today… I feel so tired and burnt out. I got up at 4:45 to exercise, stood in the kitchen for a few minutes and went back to bed. Got up at 6:10, showered and crawled back into bed until 6:40 – then I finally got ready for work! hah

This Saturday I am GOING TO LAS VEGAS! I am really excited – I also know I am going to fall off track, so the only thing I can do is do the best I can this week. I need to just stay on track. I don’t know how much I am going to exercise, I don’t want to be tired this weekend in Vegas so I am just going to focus as much as I can on eating good.

World’s Best Sushi

SushiOh how I love thee.

In a lot of cases sushi is healthy and relatively low in calories. Meaning, nothing deep fried or covered in mayo or sauce…

Well this sushi fails at all of the above.

Deep fried tuna and yam, with lettuce and cucumber – and wrapped in a tofu wrap. Then drizzle with teriyaki sauce, mayo and hot sauce. Can you say YUM? *yum*

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I have NO IDEA how many calories or points this is but it is worth EVERY SINGLE bit of it.

When I want a treat, this is it. I would rather eat this then most other “bad for you foods” – I guess that is a step in the right direction? I mean this has to be healthier then pizza? Maybe? I will just keep telling myself that.

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken


The Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken was a success! It was delicious!

Only a couple things I wasn’t sure about. Main thing was how liquidly it was – there was a lot of liquid in the bottom of the crock-pot – I drained the beans but not the tomatoes… wonder if I should of done that. Next time I think I am going to use less liquid, just use chicken soup mix and splash of water and the can of tomatoes – or drain the tomatoes – anyway, I will play around with it.

The extra liquid did not effect the taste!

We ate it on top of a brown rice – it was really good, but I wonder if it would be better on it’s own with a buttered whole wheat roll or something instead. Or maybe even on a sandwich – like a Pulled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich! Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.

before toppings

But it will still fantastic! Even my man said it was good. (two thumbs up!)

You couldn’t even taste the black beans! I am not a very big black bean fan, but I will use them if a recipe calls for them. Sometimes you can really taste them – but in this, I did not notice them at all. A HUGE plus!

I have never used my crock pot much but after this I can see how handy it really is. Come home from work to nice, low point, cooked meal. No excuses to eat take-out when dinner is already done! It was also quick to get ready in the morning before work.

I will be making this again!

Day#3: Patiently Waiting…

I am patiently waiting for dinner to finish cooking. It has been cooking all day!

I am trying another recipe from http://weight-watchers-points-recipes.blogspot.com. This time I am trying Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken – it smells and looks fantastic! Only 4.25 points (I am going to count as 5).

Just waiting on the rice to finish.

So are the green onions…

And the mozzarella…

And the dog…

Or maybe she is waiting for the cheese I just cut up? Yah, probably the cheese…

Rice is done!!

(oh! and this is day 3 of posting, yay!)

Day #2

OH MY GOSH! Look at me posting TWO DAYS in a ROW! Crazy!

Yesterday I did what I said, I stayed within my points AND drank my water. I didn’t drink 4 bottles like I said, but I drank a lot of glasses – so I think I was safe!

As for today, I WILL stay within my points and drink at least 4 bottles of water. AND I already exercised! yay!

So yesterday when I was looking around I saw someone talking about this weight watchers recipe blog thingy. I was like meh – another one. But then I checked it out – wow – a FANTASTIC site!

After looking at the site yesterday I made a list and went to the store so I could do some cooking! So last night I made her Petite Turkey Meatloaves and Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes – served with steamed broccoli it was a delicious dinner for less then 8 points! I made a couple small changes to the meatloaf – I added more onion, some minced celery and grated carrot and I made ‘muffins’ rather then mini loaves (it made 10 ‘muffins’). Yum! I should have taken some photos – maybe next time! This blog really needs some photos or something – it is kinda boring.

Left overs for dinner tonight!

It’s Been Awhile

Like 6 months? Wow.  Talking about me being lazy.

What can I say, I don’t really have a reason for not posting other then laziness and lack of interest and posting on the internet.  Pretty much all of my websites and forums and groups have been missing me.  Maybe that is why I am still struggling with my weight.

In November I joined Weight Watchers for real – like actually going to meetings.  I think since November I have lost 8 pounds… pretty lame if you ask me.  I think I could of lost 8 pounds without spending over $300.  Not to mention I still pay for the online site! hah!

The last few weeks have pretty pretty decent – I got a new exercise bike and it is FANTASTIC – I was using it lots, took a week off and now I am getting back into it.  I even ate a WHOLE AVOCADO and a packages of sprouts! wow.  I like avocado, but never eat it when I buy it – but this time I ate it – 1/4 a day (2 points) – and I really liked it! I even craved it at times.  Weird.  I ate it on a sandwich with sprouts, tomatoes and deli meat – and it was FANTASTIC!  I have never brought sprouts before.  I also brought a Pineapple! I think I bought one once before and threw most of it away cuz I was too lazy to cut it up…. So I think MAYBE, just MAYBE things are turning around and I am ready to get back into things and actually finish this off.  (maybe?!?!)

I don’t think I am really down at all since my last post.  Figures.  I took that PGX stuff for a bit – used the whole bottle – I think it was helping with my appetite but it was expensive and I am cheap, and I don’t wanna rely on pills.

Anyway, I will try and post more – I need this.  I am still in the 180’s – more then anything I just want to see the 160’s and get back to where I was before I started sucking so bad.  3 years I have been trying this – least I am still down over 30 pounds from then!  I need to think positive.

OMG and my Scale! It works again!  YAY!  I left it for a while, let it chill and relax and then tried it again a month or two ago and it works! *happy dance*

Today I will stay within my points and I will drink AT LEAST 4 of my bottles of a water.