A Sad Post

I broke my scale. *sniff*

It was one of those really nice ones too that tracked my weight. I have had it since the beginning so I am pretty sad. It was a Health o meter Weight Tracking & Body Fat scale (HDM575-18).

The time just keeps blinking on it and I can not set the time, weigh or even reset the scale. My hair dripped some water on it Saturday morning… that is the only reason I can think it no longer works. You would think such an expensive scale – a bathroom scale at that – could stand to have a bit of water dripped on it. Or maybe it was just it’s time? I dunno, but I am sad.

I haven’t decided if I rush out and buy another scale today or if I try and go without one for a while. Not having the worry of weighing would be kinda nice, but I really like to keep track of my weight. So I dunno what to do. Just incase I don’t buy one right away, the scale Saturday morning said 181.8.

Poor scale.

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