Two days and some Wendy’s

I have exercised two days in a row! YAY!

Granted it was only 30 minutes on my exercise bike both days… but still. A step in the right direction.

Yesterday we went to Wendy’s and I am very proud to say that I got NOTHING. I ate a couple fries and a bite of my boyfriends burger and made myself something when I got home. I decided nothing there was worth the amount of points. Good call. Anyway and then today in my email HG’s (Hungry Girl’s) Fast Food Survival Guide: Wendy’s. A day late, but none the less a handy email. Next time I think I will get Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich – no honey mustard sauce and only 5 weight watchers points (7 with the sauce). Not too bad! The boyfriend had Wendy’s Baconater… 21 weight watchers points! Yikes. But with a name like Baconater what do you expect?

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