It’s been a while

Normally I don’t post because I am slacking but in this case I haven’t been posting because my progress sucks. YES I slack sometimes but I have been at least 80% on plan lately. Of course there was my trip to Vegas and that caused a good 4 pound gain. How? Not really sure. I ate OK (not great, not bad) and I walked 10-20 miles a day. Anyway, I gained. No big deal. Expect I have gained a good 1-2 pounds more since I have come back.

At the end of my rope I did go to my doctor for blood tests – they came back fine. So I went back to my doctor to talk about my birth control – his response was that it is not my birth control and that I should eat dinner for breakfast, small lunch and nothing but steamed veggies for dinner (no butter, no salt) – I threw that idea out the door before I even walked out the door of the doctors office. This is a lifestyle change – I can not do that for a week much less the rest of my life.

Anyway. I took matters into my own hands and stopped taking my birth control. So far I have gained a pound, argh. But it has only been two weeks. My weekends are still not that great but at least I am eating mostly my own cooking (from eat shrink and be merry and crazy plates) – I just need to watch my portion control. AND get back to exercising. Even if it is just 30min a day 3 days a week.

I am going to keep going with weight watchers simply because it is easy and quicker then counting calories. I am still eating a lot of whole grains – much less refined carbs then I was – and superfoods. No real change, expect up. So more exercise I think is the key at this point. I would like to try and go lower (not low) carbs. Like maybe lower carb at dinner time, but I doubt I could handle that. Especially with all the good pastas in the cookbooks.

I don’t really know what else to say – I am trying – not exercising though – and there is no progress. But I will work to change the exercising bit and maybe it will come.

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