I have a headache.  But anyway…

I have been doing good… or what I think is pretty good for me lately.  Still no change in the scale – maybe it is even up – but I have been good.  I have been reading a book on Superfoods (will talk more about that when I am done) – but lots of you know what superfoods are.  So I have been trying to eat lots of them and in the past few days trying to cut out while carbs, expect for the occasional potato I hope to see that up.  

One thing I read in the book so far is that if one serving has less then 3 grams of carbs it is crap – so I have been trying to buy that way.  Shreddies – 5 grams per shaving, whole wheat english muffin 5, 2 slices of my bread 8…. etc.  So hopefully that will help!  

Also trying to up my protein, bought a bag of individually wrapped Sole – only 2 points and 16 grams of protein!  Best off all they are super quick and easy for work… love that! 

Anyway that is where I stand.  Trying to eat superfoods, whole grains and protein.  

IN ONE WEEK we leave for Vegas… I doubt I will be able to keep this up while I am there but I am going to try.  Hopefully I can at least have the will power to order a salad with a burger! lol

But I am soooooooo excited! Never been to Vegas!  We spend four nights in Vegas and then come back and the same day we are going to a concert; 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hinder and Econoline Crush!