I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted!  For the most part I have been very on track too.  I find usually when I am not posting it means I have not been on track but that isn’t really true.

About the last week I have been kinda off plan – I went away for a few days and then got sick and had my birthday and I am still not feeling 100%.  The scale is up a bit but I am not worried… yet! haha

But I was doing really good and once I get out shopping this weekend it will make getting back on track easier… my fridge is looking pretty empty! 

I was doing really good with my running too… was going every morning!  Need to get back on that next week too.

How Very Cool!

I was super excited this morning when I saw that someone from the Eat, Shrink and Be Merry team left me comment! How exciting is that?

On the top of E,S&M I made the Beef Noodle salad that night and it was FANTASTIC! Even my boyfriend liked it (mind you, he is a huge steak and broccoli fan) – his only complainant was that it was cold. So I think next time I will leave the noodles and steak warm – or even serve the steak on the side. But I loved it! I only made half the recipe (3 lunch servings, 2 dinner servings) and there was STILL left overs it made so much. I think this will become a weekly dish in my house… along with that pizza dip, the pizza dip is FANTASTIC! Seriously everyone – you NEED this cookbook. I haven’t touched my hungry girl cookbook in weeks – I am just addicted to this one now.

I ordered Crazy Plates from Amazon last week! Fingers crossed that it comes this week! I also found a copy of LooneySpoons (no longer in print) on ebay so I picked that up as well should be here next week or the week after.

So someone like me – young, only lived on my own a couple years – cooking was not my forte. My idea of a healthy meal before was some chicken, veggies and sidekicks (those Lipton noodle things) so this is a huge change for me to be cooking REAL, HEALTHY meals. I think actually cooking this time will help me FINALLY reach my goal!

Anyway this post went on and on I really just wanted to say how cool it is that they found my blog and posted! If you don’t have this cookbook you need to get it – and if you order from they site you get another copy free!