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Last week brought no change in scale… again. I am really starting to consider having my thyroid checked. I hate trying to blame it on something but I just feel I SHOULD be losing. And I think back to the last year and all the times I should of been losing and I wasn’t. Anyway a few more weeks of this and I might really go do it – at least for peace of mind!

So I started Weight Watchers. I know my site is about counting calories but weight watchers really is the same idea. A girl I work with gave me a coupon for 2 weeks free online and then 3 months for $40… so I am going to do it. I only started on Monday but so far I really like it. I like it that a lot of veggies and fruit is only zero or one so I don’t feel so bad eating it. I don’t like that most high protien foods are high points but I am really focusing on fiber. So maybe this change will help get the scale moving. I am not going to meetings or anything, just doing it all online.

I know my blogging has been slow lately but I have been busy. I have been exercising and I got a Wii Fit! It is soooo awesome – I have been using it everyday! I promise to blog about it soon.

I have been drinking lots of water so that is a plus. Taking my multivitiams and even apple cider vinegar (it was just sitting in the cupboard so I thought I might as well use it)…. so hopefully soon I will see some results.

I hate still being 180. I want to cry when I think I was 160 not so long ago…. now it doesn’t even look like I will see 160 before summer is over! damit. MOVE SCALE SERIOUSLY!

I have two Lululemon Hoodies that are too tight. I am waiting until I hit 170 to try and wear one and 160 for the other. ARGH. I am so mad at myself. I also bought some new jeans that are kinda tight and I really wanna wear them. WHHHHHHHHHHHY did I left myself gain back 20 pounds… its not even the 20 pounds, its the fact I did it in 3 months. :( I know it is stupid to dwell on it, what is done is done. But I just hate the fact that I can’t see to get rid of it.

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