Hungry Girl

The other cookbook I bought is Hungry Girl:

At first I liked the Hungry Girl cookbook better but after cooking out of the both of them I am thinking I like the Eat Shrink and Be Merry one slightly more.

The recipes in the hungry girl cookbook are all super easy and quick – a lot of recipes use processed foods. At first I thought this was great – quick and easy meals. And it is great… sometimes. But the more I go through it I realize I have a hard time finding a nice meal for dinner – it is more geared towards ‘party’ food or ‘guilt free’ eating as the cover says.

Lots of easy low cal ideas for nachos, fries, potato skins, etc. While I love these foods, sometimes I want something more filling and healthier. Last night I made the Hungry Girl Fiber One Onion Rings – pared them with the left over turkey burgers from the other book and it made a great meal. The onion rings were very good! The butternut squash fries are also great!

One problem I have is finding the stuff Hungry Girl uses… like the Tofu Noodles – she has so many recipes that look great using these but I can not find them! She also uses a lot of tofu burgers and tofu chicken products. While it keeps her meals lower in calorie I would prefer using lean beef or real chicken instead… nothing says I can’t though!

A lot of the recipes are 1 or 2 servings and more side dishes or small meals. I guess overall it is more a ‘fast food’ style cookbook. I think the one recipe that calls for real chicken breasts breads them with fiber one to be like chicken strips.

The two cookbooks are EXCELLENT but both very different. If you don’t like eating a lot of processed food then the hungry girl cookbook is not for you. But if you are the type of person who loves fast food and would like to eat a healthier version then the book is defiantly for you! I think this is a great cookbook for someone who is perhaps just starting out and having a hard time breaking the cycle of fast food.

Hungry Girl also has a great site set up for the book with pictures, calorie information and weight watchers points! You can visit it here.

Overall though it is a great cook book as well… some of the stuff is a no brainer though. Most recipes call for 3-5 ingredients witch is nice.

Just a tip… I found my Hungry Girl cookbook at my local Costco two weeks ago for $12.

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