Feeling Pretty Good

I think this Weight Watchers is working pretty well for me. I mean I have lost some weight (1.6 to be exact) but I am also eating much healthier then I was counting calories.

Weight Watchers really puts a focus on high fiber and low fat – the higher the fiber and lower the fat means less points… of course calories play a roll there too 😉 I find myself eating more healthy grains, more fruits and veggies and less processed foods… so far!

I think the cookbooks I bought are helping as well. I have been cooking different things and I am enjoying it! I never really much liked cooking before but I find I am liking it more… on Sunday I made peanut style turkey burgers, a corn/black bean salad and some cheese/crumb baked broccoli and cauliflower. I even ate my turkey burger on a whole wheat bun! Tonight I am making a Mexican style lasagna! (read the next post for a review on the two cookbooks)

Of course I also bought my Wii Fit and that is tons of fun and keeps me motivated… more on that in another post as well.

And on the weekend I bought the Nike+ only used it once so far and it wasn’t very accurate but I will make another post about that too.

(I sure have a lot of posting to do!)

Really overall I am feeling good. I feel like I am eating healthy and I feel really good about it. I hope I can keep it up! My weekend wasn’t THAT good but it wasn’t that bad either. More then anything I just drank too much. We went out to eat a few times but overall I ate ‘healthy’ meals – maybe not 100% healthy but much healthier then I was ordering even the weekend before!

I just hope I can keep this up.

As far as weigh in day… I stuck with Friday… for now anyway! haha

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