Just a check in

I know I haven’t been posting much but I am still working hard!

Eating good and exercising lots! Cooking all my meals at home… that is huge for me!

But the scale isn’t moving. I am not going to get mad… yet. Give it another week…

Hungry Girl

The other cookbook I bought is Hungry Girl:

At first I liked the Hungry Girl cookbook better but after cooking out of the both of them I am thinking I like the Eat Shrink and Be Merry one slightly more.

The recipes in the hungry girl cookbook are all super easy and quick – a lot of recipes use processed foods. At first I thought this was great – quick and easy meals. And it is great… sometimes. But the more I go through it I realize I have a hard time finding a nice meal for dinner – it is more geared towards ‘party’ food or ‘guilt free’ eating as the cover says.

Lots of easy low cal ideas for nachos, fries, potato skins, etc. While I love these foods, sometimes I want something more filling and healthier. Last night I made the Hungry Girl Fiber One Onion Rings – pared them with the left over turkey burgers from the other book and it made a great meal. The onion rings were very good! The butternut squash fries are also great!

One problem I have is finding the stuff Hungry Girl uses… like the Tofu Noodles – she has so many recipes that look great using these but I can not find them! She also uses a lot of tofu burgers and tofu chicken products. While it keeps her meals lower in calorie I would prefer using lean beef or real chicken instead… nothing says I can’t though!

A lot of the recipes are 1 or 2 servings and more side dishes or small meals. I guess overall it is more a ‘fast food’ style cookbook. I think the one recipe that calls for real chicken breasts breads them with fiber one to be like chicken strips.

The two cookbooks are EXCELLENT but both very different. If you don’t like eating a lot of processed food then the hungry girl cookbook is not for you. But if you are the type of person who loves fast food and would like to eat a healthier version then the book is defiantly for you! I think this is a great cookbook for someone who is perhaps just starting out and having a hard time breaking the cycle of fast food.

Hungry Girl also has a great site set up for the book with pictures, calorie information and weight watchers points! You can visit it here.

Overall though it is a great cook book as well… some of the stuff is a no brainer though. Most recipes call for 3-5 ingredients witch is nice.

Just a tip… I found my Hungry Girl cookbook at my local Costco two weeks ago for $12.

Eat Shrink and Be Merry

The past few days I have been cooking mostly from – Eat Shrink and Be Merry:

These two women have a show here in Canada as well but I have yet to watch it. It really is a great cookbook. At first I was a bit unsure because the recipes had TONS AND TONS of ingredients – yes my grocery bill is slightly higher but a lot of the recipes call for the same spices and sauces so it is not like I am buying something and then throwing the rest away. Some of them are a bit ‘complicated’ and slightly time consuming but so far everything has been more then worth the time.
You can visit the website here

So far I have made 5 or 6 recipes from the book (just in the past few days alone)! I must say the mashed cauliflower could almost pass as regular mashed potatoes ! Like I mentioned before they book uses a lot of the same ingredients over and over. On the weekend I made the Kernel Austin salad and still have half a can of black beans and half a red onion in the fridge… well they will work great in the Mexician Lasagna I am going to make tonight! So far almost every recipe has called for Cilantro, Cumin and Chili Powder… not really fond of the Cilantro. So once you buy those few spices you are all set (for the most part!).

So don’t be put off by the huge list of ingredients most of the recipes call for. In most cases they are spices or simple stuff you probably already have (lemon juice, soya sauce, bbq sauce, etc).

As you can tell… I am not used to cooking from real a cookbook 😉

The book is packed full of recipes for every thing and every occasion. Party foods (dips, chicken wings, deviled eggs…), chicken recipes, turkey, pork, beef, desserts, etc. I like how the book breaks it up into poultry, seafood, pork, ground meat, etc.

I recommend this cookbook to everyone! It would be pretty simple to prepare a few recipes on the weekend and then heat them up throughout the week. I also find the recipes make a lot and leave room for leftovers… at least for us!

Too many tasty recipes in this cookbook that I can not wait to try! One recipe I keep eyeing up is the pizza dip… it sounds soooo good. I am going to try that this weekend for sure!

Feeling Pretty Good

I think this Weight Watchers is working pretty well for me. I mean I have lost some weight (1.6 to be exact) but I am also eating much healthier then I was counting calories.

Weight Watchers really puts a focus on high fiber and low fat – the higher the fiber and lower the fat means less points… of course calories play a roll there too 😉 I find myself eating more healthy grains, more fruits and veggies and less processed foods… so far!

I think the cookbooks I bought are helping as well. I have been cooking different things and I am enjoying it! I never really much liked cooking before but I find I am liking it more… on Sunday I made peanut style turkey burgers, a corn/black bean salad and some cheese/crumb baked broccoli and cauliflower. I even ate my turkey burger on a whole wheat bun! Tonight I am making a Mexican style lasagna! (read the next post for a review on the two cookbooks)

Of course I also bought my Wii Fit and that is tons of fun and keeps me motivated… more on that in another post as well.

And on the weekend I bought the Nike+ only used it once so far and it wasn’t very accurate but I will make another post about that too.

(I sure have a lot of posting to do!)

Really overall I am feeling good. I feel like I am eating healthy and I feel really good about it. I hope I can keep it up! My weekend wasn’t THAT good but it wasn’t that bad either. More then anything I just drank too much. We went out to eat a few times but overall I ate ‘healthy’ meals – maybe not 100% healthy but much healthier then I was ordering even the weekend before!

I just hope I can keep this up.

As far as weigh in day… I stuck with Friday… for now anyway! haha

Drinking less pop

I have also consumed a lot of diet pop. Not like 4 cans a day or anything but usually a least one. In most I don’t see anything wrong with that. I tried to quite diet pop once and have struggled with losing weight ever since (coincidence) – I am not trying to quite it but to my surprise I have been drinking a lot less.

In fact, we don’t even have diet pop in the house any more! We do have some carbonated water that I hope to get rid of though. I did have a can of diet coke yesterday – it was okay – but not as good as normal. I hope that over time I can just cut out even if it means switching to flavoured water for a treat. It still contains the artificial sweeteners but at least it doesn’t harm my bones. Depleting my bones worries me more then that harms of the artificial sweeteners.

I am feeling pretty good about myself as I passed one up during lunch!

I don’t think that I will ever cut it out completely but I would like to cut it mostly out. Having it once and a while when we go out for dinner… or using in those low calories cake/cupcake mixes. Diet pop is also a nice snack at the movie theater and so much lower in calories then the popcorn 😉

Weight Watchers

Last week brought no change in scale… again. I am really starting to consider having my thyroid checked. I hate trying to blame it on something but I just feel I SHOULD be losing. And I think back to the last year and all the times I should of been losing and I wasn’t. Anyway a few more weeks of this and I might really go do it – at least for peace of mind!

So I started Weight Watchers. I know my site is about counting calories but weight watchers really is the same idea. A girl I work with gave me a coupon for 2 weeks free online and then 3 months for $40… so I am going to do it. I only started on Monday but so far I really like it. I like it that a lot of veggies and fruit is only zero or one so I don’t feel so bad eating it. I don’t like that most high protien foods are high points but I am really focusing on fiber. So maybe this change will help get the scale moving. I am not going to meetings or anything, just doing it all online.

I know my blogging has been slow lately but I have been busy. I have been exercising and I got a Wii Fit! It is soooo awesome – I have been using it everyday! I promise to blog about it soon.

I have been drinking lots of water so that is a plus. Taking my multivitiams and even apple cider vinegar (it was just sitting in the cupboard so I thought I might as well use it)…. so hopefully soon I will see some results.

I hate still being 180. I want to cry when I think I was 160 not so long ago…. now it doesn’t even look like I will see 160 before summer is over! damit. MOVE SCALE SERIOUSLY!

I have two Lululemon Hoodies that are too tight. I am waiting until I hit 170 to try and wear one and 160 for the other. ARGH. I am so mad at myself. I also bought some new jeans that are kinda tight and I really wanna wear them. WHHHHHHHHHHHY did I left myself gain back 20 pounds… its not even the 20 pounds, its the fact I did it in 3 months. :( I know it is stupid to dwell on it, what is done is done. But I just hate the fact that I can’t see to get rid of it.