Things are going…

I haven’t been to the gym since last week – I have mixed feelings about if I miss it or not. I miss the work out but I don’t miss the time it took or going there. I have been coming home after work and jumping on my exercise bike instead. I don’t feel I get as good as a work out compared to the elliptical or treadmill with a good incline. But I can read a book while I ride my exercise bike and I enjoy that. Normally I wouldn’t have time to read a book but to do it and exercise at the same time… I kill two birds with one stone! I want to join a gym though and will probably look into that next week or the week after.

My eating has been okay. Just okay. Yesterday was iffy but could of been worse – I made SOME good choices. Tomorrow will be a challenge but hopefully I an do it.

The scale is finally down a bit… just a bit. I will make it official tomorrow as tomorrow is weigh in.

My water goal is coming along – drinking much more water then I was and I feel better! Next week I will try and drink even more.

I bought some FitSmart protein powder yesterday…. will talk more about that later. Also bought a great new cookbook… more on that later too!

This is just a little check in until I get time to write a good post.

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