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So I just added my lunch to my day. I went out for lunch today for Sushi… something that is usually pretty hard to add up but I was shocked by their selection of sushi already in their database.

Yes their food search is still very bare… but they have a ton of food that I could never find in sparkpeople. The results for ‘green tea’ were HUGE – and they even had gomae in their system as well different kinds of sashimi. Their list of Starbucks food is massive and even contains the petite vanilla scone! I didn’t eat at Starbucks today (not yet anyway, haha) but I did a search just to see.

Not only do they show the ‘recently added food’ but they do it PER meal. Awesome. I eat a lot of the same food for breakfast and then a lot of the same foods for lunch so to show me recently added foods to just lunch is very handy.

This site is for sure getting better. Of course I wish I could export my custom foods from sparkpeople, lol. There are still some features of sparkpeople that I think are awesome but I guess I could go between the two if I really had too. Maybe with time this site will be get better. I still dunno what I am going to use but I am liking this new site but not sure if it is worth the switch just yet.

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