Just can’t stay on track!

It’s bad. The scale is up. WAY up. Somewhere around 15 pounds up *gasp* – my clothes are tight *tear* and I can see the fat in my tummy area *more tears* – but – I CAN FIX THIS.

To be honest, I am sick of counting calories. I know it works, I know i need to do it – but I am SICK of wasting time logging my calories. *sigh*

But I need to count them.

But I don’t want to.

So I am not going to.

BUT I AM going to watch what I am eating – eating healthy – lots of a fruit and veggies. Small portions of bad stuff (like the homemade lasagna I made on the weekend) – and limiting the drinking, been doing too much drinking lately.

So eating the last few has been okay.

What about exercise you ask? Well I can drive now (yay! finally…) so gym here I come! Monday I went to the gym at the rec center for about 25 min and then did water aerobics (fun!) and yesterday I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes. Today I want to go to the gym an hour before water aerobics. Tomorrow I have an appointed with a REAL gym – I got a two week free pass so I am going to give that a shot and go everyday! They have a good special if you sign up before the end up the month you get a good price for 3 months. It is nice to just commit to 3 months rather then a year… so I will probably do that.

I am going to really focus on exercise, lots of exercise… this might sounds nuts, but AT LEAST one hour a day! probably take one day off a week…

anyway exercise is key I think.

What about this blog?

Posting food is boring but I will post. I also wanna post more nutritional information for my reference and for yours eventually (sometime soon?) I hope to start a nutritional section with just all kinds of nutritional information for different places… but it is time consuming to gather so we shall see….

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