5 Favortie Foods of the Moment

I go through phases were I find a good low-calorie food and eat it over and over sometimes I get sick of it or find something better, but usually I keep eating it. The foods are not in any particular order – I just listed them as I thought of them. These are NOT necessarily healthy foods but foods I enjoy that are lower in calories.

1. Fresh Pineapple
In the last week I have bought my first and second whole pineapple ever. I have always liked raw fresh pineapple and sometimes buy it pre-peeled but I finally caved and bought a giant fresh pineapple. It was SO good I bought another before the first one was even gone! And surprisingly Pineapple seems pretty low in calories for how sweet of a fruit it is.

2. Low Fat Hot Dogs
I always have a pack of Schneiders Low Fat Hot Dogs in the freezer. At 35 calories each (4 grams of protein) you can’t go wrong. They are on the small side – I usually eat 2-3 (no bun) with something else for a meal. They are not the most tasty hot dogs in the world, but they are low in calories and have enough protein to keep me happy. I recently discovered President’s Choice Low Fat Frankfurters at the Real Canadian Superstore and I must say they taste much better and are cheaper! They are much bigger then the Schneiders Dogs and are 130 calories with 10 grams of protein. However the Schneiders has more protein and less fat for the number of calories but the President’s Choice do taste better and are cheaper.

3. Oriental Style Instant Rice Vermicelli Clear Soup
Something else I found at the Real Canadian Superstore is this soup. I don’t know the brand all I know is that I found it with the Asian food and it comes in a green package. It is cheap at less then 35 cents a package and is similar in idea to Mr. Noodles. The noodles and taste however are much different. Because it is a Rice Vermicelli noodle the whole package is only 200 calories! The soup base is a spicy garlic broth and is oh so good. A package of this with some (optional, I like it plain too) veggies/shrimp/scallops or whatever else you want to throw in makes for a very tasty low calorie meal (depending what you add).

4. Pita
A entire Pita is around 140 calories if you get the right ones. I find the Olafson’s pita’s are the lowest in calories. Pita’s are awesome. You can put or eat almost anything on them. You can put a sandwich in half of one for only 70 calories! I eat pita’s with everything but especially love them with Hummus (see food 5). I put tuna on it, dip it in dip – toast it with some pita. MMM I love pita’s!

5. Hummus
The first time I ever tried Hummus I thought it was disgusting and almost threw up. I since (years later) have become very fond of it and LOVE eating it. I usually buy it but very recently have started making my own. It is so easy to make and you can make it to your own taste and it is relatively low in calories though I try and eat it in moderation because it is very easy to use too much.

(can you believe tuna wasn’t on this list? tuna is one of best and most common diet foods there is!)

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