Fitness Essence Day 4

I am noticing a lake in appetite and cravings! The last two days I have pretty much had to remind myself that I should have something to eat. I am not really hungry and don’t really feel like eating anything. I know sometimes I am not hungry but still want to eat, so this is good!

The women said it would raise my body temperature, so far I am still freezing! But I did notice that during my work out this morning I started to sweat sooner the normal, but that doesn’t mean anything.

No weight change yet (not that I expected one) – but I am going to keep going. I figure I will try this stuff for a month and see what happens. One bottle lasts two weeks.

Just a note that along with the fitness essence I am counting my calories and exercising lots! So I am not relying on this alone and I am working hard all around.

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