Christmas is coming… fast!

I really wanted to be 150 for Chirstmas, but that is not going to happen. So lets cross that goal off the list.

Christmas goal: 150 pounds

Done. So Christmas is 20 days away. The scale is up around 165 pounds (ouch!) – what am I going to do? Well I am going to make a new goal.

New Chirstmas goal: 160 pounds

I know 5 pounds in 20 days seems impossible but I am hoping some of those 5 pounds is water weight. It is not even so much that I want to lose weight right now I just do not want to gain. Christmas is my favourtie time of year and with Christmas comes lots of my favourtie foods – so my real goal is portion control and to start the new year off at no more then 165 pounds.

But come the new year, it is back to losing weight!

Valentine’s Day goal: 155 pounds

I am back

After almost a month long break I am back. I don’t expect to lost weight during this time of year, but hopefully I can at least stay the same. I am moving weigh-ins to Friday mornings. Christmas is right around the corner, I have a Christmas party to go to this Friday and two next weekend – I won’t be at the weight I wanted to, but I can at least try for one pound!

Anyway, I am back – I promise to post daily.