Weekend… ok

I am sure getting bad at not posting my daily menus – I will try tomorrow to post a few!

So this weekend, was not as perfect as I wanted, but overall it wasn’t too bad at all! I ate a little bit of ‘treats’ but nothing too much and the scale only went up a pound – usually it goes up at least 3! Even though it was not as perfect as I wanted, I am still really proud of myself to how well I did. I didn’t keep track of any calories Saturday or Sunday but I still don’t think I did that bad.

Anyway, here is too another good week… and to trying to post everyday!

It’s Friday

So I made it through Hallowe’en, yesterday and today with NO, not ONE BITE of Hallowe’en chocolate. I am very proud of myself!

The scale is down a lot from Wednesday, almost 2 pounds! *fingers crossed* I can keep it that way (or lower) by next Wednesday. It is Friday, it is the weekend that usually means horrible eating for me. I have PROMISED myself that this weekend is going to be different. There are some ‘eating’ events, but I am going to do my best at them.

Tonight I am going to my Grandfather’s house to have a glass of champagne. My Grandfather has lived in this beautiful little house on the ocean for over 50 years. When he bought the house it was ocean view, it now has a road in front of it. It is such a cute little house, I always loved it. I have so many warm memories of my Grandmother there and Christmas Eve celebrations, rice pudding, Grandma and I baking – read stories with tea and Norwegian goat cheese. Funny how so many of those memories involve food… But anyway, it is just such a sweet little house. I think the saddest thing is not that he moved, it is that the house will be torn down. It was not the house that was bought, it was the lot – but with all the developing going on around the house, it would of been silly to keep. My Grandfather bought a BEAUTIFUL condo, same distance from the ocean, with a beautiful view. So anyway, all and I all, I will be having a glass of champagne with my family.

After that we are going to a local pub/restaurant for a nice dinner. I haven’t fully decided what I am going to order – I was thinking something with seafood, but now I am thinking maybe something with out. That way I can eat half without feeling like I have to eat it all or the rest tomorrow. My boyfriend will not eat seafood, but if I bring home half of a chicken sandwich (or something similar) I know he will finish it for me. I think that will help me in not feeling like I have to eat my entire meal (of course meaning less calories). As long as I stay away from the fries! haha

And then Tomorrow night, we are going for dinner to someone’s house. Someone I haven’t really seen in years. She meant a lot to me when I was little, she was older then me – by 8 years – but we used to play, she would babysit me – we always had so much fun. Anyway we are going there for dinner, and I will do my best to be good. I think it will be okay.

But other then those two meals, this weekend is going to be PERFECT! I keep trying to think of something I could ‘reward’ myself with if I do it, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. So hopefully I can just do it without some sort of reward. I guess in the end, the reward will be MAYBE seeing the 150’s next Wednesday – that would be a fantastic reward! That would mean I could change my ticker into a NEW number for the first time in a YEAR! Yes you read that right, my ticket has been in the 160’s for a year! I think I can do it for that!

Actually, that is a bit of a lie. A year ago today, November 2 – I was 170.6 – so according to today’s weight of 160.6 – I am 10 pounds lower. That sounds great, until you say I lost 10 pounds in a year! That is about a 0.2 pounds per week loss. I actually lost more then 10 pounds, because I went up and down up and down – probably 20 or more! Anyway, this time next year I am going to be sitting at my goal weight. I hope.

I know my calories the last few days have been lower then 1200, and I know that is not a good thing – I am just really trying to shake things up.