3 Cheat Days

I was already feeling pretty bad about two cheat days this week and then it hit me… there is going to A THIRD! THREE CHEAT DAYS!

I guess one of them is Monday so that is really NEXT week, but it feels like this week. I am going to try and control the cheating but still – I hate it!

We already know about Wednesday and my company party but then there is today, today is my littler sister’s 12th Birthday and I am having her party (8 12 year olds sleep over) at my house. We have a fruit tray and a veggie tray and some yogurt – but we also have chicken nuggets, potato skins, chips, candy, Halloween gingerbread cookies, croissants, and I am sure I am missing something… oh I am, the HUGE HUGE Costco sized Chocolate Cake.

I can try and eat small amounts of everything and I will probably succeed in that – but it will still be bad.  There is no getting out of how bad tonight will be. I am not going to not eat any of it, I know some of you might frown on this – but it is her birthday, her first time having it at my house – so I am going to enjoy it with her and have some treats and it will be OK – but then we come to Monday….


Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada and man do I love my Turkey. Not only do I love turkey I love stuffing and I love gravy and I love dinner buns – thankfully I am not a huge pumpkin pie and whipped cream person; of course that doesn’t mean I won’t eat some. Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner are two things I look forward to all year – because I just love my turkey and stuffing that much! And we can’t forget Christmas eve… no point starting to think about that now though.

It is the time of year where we will all be faced with loads and loads of good food. By no means am I perfect, I will eat it – hopefully in small amounts. And hopefully I can stay on track the rest of the time. I MUST stay on track Saturday and Sunday this week, I must, I must…. next weekend is going to be ANOTHER challenge… but we will talk about that next week.

There is just too much going on. I am so close to seeing 159 on the scale – man, I don’t remember actually see anything in the 150’s (except for one fluke day earlier this year) – I just have to stay on track, I can’t end up like this time last year. After Christmas last year my motivation really dropped and I only just started losing weight again since starting this site.

I am pretty sure I am going on about nothing now. We all have these hard times but I think it is really important to remember not to restrict yourself – have that birthday cake, turkey, stuffing or whatever it is. This is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE – you HAVE to have a plan you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Can you give up cake, turkey, cookies, etc for the rest of your life? Ask your self this, can you give up your favourtie ‘bad’ food for the rest of your life? Let me help you with that answer, NO YOU CAN’T! Unless of course you have the will power of a rock… there will always be temptations and there will always be days you can not be 100% perfect and I think it is important to work them in now. If you can lose weight and still have a cheat day here and there, still eat your Christmas dinner and your birthday cake then you can maintain your weight loss. If you cut everything out, reach your goal weight and start eating it again you are bound to gain back all the weight you lost and probably more. So don’t restrict yourself – CUT BACK! Have a treat once and a while and you will lose weight and I believe you will keep it off.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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