Happy Hallowe’en

Keiko Happy Hallowe’en

That is my Boston Terrier, Keiko!

We had a good night handing out candy – and I got some exercise in running up and down, up and down the stairs. AND I haven’t had ONE not ONE bite of candy! If I can just avoid it for another two hours all will be good!

I can’t believe October is over already…

Another Fresh Start

Okay, this is it – from now on I am going to be good! Last week wasn’t that bad, but I also didn’t track half of it – I didn’t even track yesterday. I am going to track today, I am going to post today – and I am going to do that every day this week.

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en – I had told myself I wanted to be 157 by then – and that surely wont happen. I even think the scale is up again. My Christmas goal is 150, and I am going to make it! But I really need to smarten up – I was doing so good!

My entire year has been like this, do good, lose a few pounds – gain then back, do good lose a few pounds – gain them back! The scale needs to go down and it needs to stay down!!

Starting Fresh

It’s Monday, it is a new week and October is almost over.  I think I have gained at least a pound in the last couple weeks, so I am starting fresh.

I am just going to forget last week and today is a new day, a fresh start.  In a way I am ‘starting over’ – not really, but that is how I am going to think of it.  Wednesday’s will now be weigh ins and no more ‘forgetting’ to weigh in if the scale is up.  Whatever it says on Wednesday will be it and I will record it.

For the next few days I am also going to try and keep my carbs under 100, my calories kinda low and do a bit of exercise  (not too much because of low calories.)

So here is to a fresh start.

Another bad weekend

Yes, it was another bad one… Scale will be up tomorrow for sure. I swear this weekend is going to be PREFECT.

We went over to Vancouver for a Canucks Hockey Game (fantastic game!) but the weekend involved a lot of eating out – guess it could of been worse, I didn’t eat any food at the game (nachos, hotdogs) but I did have a couple drinks!

Anyway, here is too a perfect week!

oh, and bye bye 150’s.

5 Cheat Days

As if 3 cheat days were not bad enough… I manged to have 5! The days were not horribly bad as I did try and keep my potions amount lower then normal, but they were still bad and probably all around 2000 ish calories. Anyway, today is a new day – the start of the week for me after a long weekend.

I half entered the last few days into my sparkpeople but I decided I am not going to bother making sure it is correct and rather then making a post for each day I am just going to lump the last 4 days together here. There will be no calorie information, just what I ate.

Monday – October 8
– 1 turkey sausage
– 3 slices turkey bacon
– egg white/ 1 egg omelet with little bit of cheese, green pepper, onion and mushrooms.
– 4 perogies
– 3/4 cup cajun potatoes
– 1 mug coffee with half and half cream and sugar free starbucks syrup
– 1 cup orange juice
– venti caramel light frap
– few chips
– 3 halloween cookies
– nachos with jalpeanos, fat free sour cream, cheese, onion, lean ground beef

Sunday – October 7
– 1 cinnamon stick
– grilled cheese – 2 slices healthy way bread with 2 kraft thin cheese slices and 2 thin slices of fat free ham
– 2 pieces beef jerky
– 2.5 slices turkey
– 1/2 cup mashed potatoes
– 1 cup stuffing
– 8 baby carrots
– 1 dinner bun
– very small slice pumpkin pie with whipped cream
– wine and rum and diet coke (too much to drink!!)

Saturday – October, 6
– 1 Tridant Pacific Salmon Burger
– 1 Muesli Organic Vanilla Yogurt
– Croissant, 2 croissant, large
– Medium Pan Pepperoni Pizza – 1 slice, 4 serving

Friday – October 5
– Healthy Way Organic Grain Tortilla with scrambled egg whites with a bit of cheese and bacon bits
– Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, nonfat, grande
– Dare Juicee Gummy Bears, 12 serving
– pita and hummus
didn’t keep track of rest of the day
but I had some chicken nuggets, potato skins, few chips, veggies and dip and piece of cake

3 Cheat Days

I was already feeling pretty bad about two cheat days this week and then it hit me… there is going to A THIRD! THREE CHEAT DAYS!

I guess one of them is Monday so that is really NEXT week, but it feels like this week. I am going to try and control the cheating but still – I hate it!

We already know about Wednesday and my company party but then there is today, today is my littler sister’s 12th Birthday and I am having her party (8 12 year olds sleep over) at my house. We have a fruit tray and a veggie tray and some yogurt – but we also have chicken nuggets, potato skins, chips, candy, Halloween gingerbread cookies, croissants, and I am sure I am missing something… oh I am, the HUGE HUGE Costco sized Chocolate Cake.

I can try and eat small amounts of everything and I will probably succeed in that – but it will still be bad.  There is no getting out of how bad tonight will be. I am not going to not eat any of it, I know some of you might frown on this – but it is her birthday, her first time having it at my house – so I am going to enjoy it with her and have some treats and it will be OK – but then we come to Monday….


Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada and man do I love my Turkey. Not only do I love turkey I love stuffing and I love gravy and I love dinner buns – thankfully I am not a huge pumpkin pie and whipped cream person; of course that doesn’t mean I won’t eat some. Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner are two things I look forward to all year – because I just love my turkey and stuffing that much! And we can’t forget Christmas eve… no point starting to think about that now though.

It is the time of year where we will all be faced with loads and loads of good food. By no means am I perfect, I will eat it – hopefully in small amounts. And hopefully I can stay on track the rest of the time. I MUST stay on track Saturday and Sunday this week, I must, I must…. next weekend is going to be ANOTHER challenge… but we will talk about that next week.

There is just too much going on. I am so close to seeing 159 on the scale – man, I don’t remember actually see anything in the 150’s (except for one fluke day earlier this year) – I just have to stay on track, I can’t end up like this time last year. After Christmas last year my motivation really dropped and I only just started losing weight again since starting this site.

I am pretty sure I am going on about nothing now. We all have these hard times but I think it is really important to remember not to restrict yourself – have that birthday cake, turkey, stuffing or whatever it is. This is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE – you HAVE to have a plan you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Can you give up cake, turkey, cookies, etc for the rest of your life? Ask your self this, can you give up your favourtie ‘bad’ food for the rest of your life? Let me help you with that answer, NO YOU CAN’T! Unless of course you have the will power of a rock… there will always be temptations and there will always be days you can not be 100% perfect and I think it is important to work them in now. If you can lose weight and still have a cheat day here and there, still eat your Christmas dinner and your birthday cake then you can maintain your weight loss. If you cut everything out, reach your goal weight and start eating it again you are bound to gain back all the weight you lost and probably more. So don’t restrict yourself – CUT BACK! Have a treat once and a while and you will lose weight and I believe you will keep it off.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Easy Low Fat / Low Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes

The first part of low calorie chocolate cupcakes is NO (did you see that? NO!!) ICING! I know, I know – the icing is the good part, but it has the most calories. So first thing first, scratch icing off the list. I guess that makes these more like chocolate muffins… but anyway on to the recipe and two simple ingredients.


  1. Chocolate Cake Mix
  2. Coke Zero (or Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi)

simple chocolate cupcakes


  1. Pre-heat oven to tempurate listed on your Chocolate Cake Mix package.
  2. Empty chocolate cake mix in bowl. I used Dr. Oetker Added Touch Chocolate Cake Mix – simply for the fact that is only makes 6-9 cupcakes but you can use any chocolate cake mix you like.
  3. Then I mixed in the Coke Zero. I did not measure the amount I just added some until the batter seemed right. I used the Coke Zero as a replacement for the egg and oil – NO FAT and LESS CALORIES! You could also use Diet Coke or Pepsi.
  4. Pour into lined muffin tray. After filling my trays (enough for 9) I topped each one with four chocolate chips for a bit of extra fun!
  5. Bake in oven for time listed on chocolate cake mix package.

low fat chocolate cupcakes

After you have let them cool, enjoy! I thought they turned out pretty well – my boyfriend said they had a bit of a funny taste but there were still good. I found them a bit doughy and dry at the same time – but maybe I didn’t have a enough diet coke. Mine worked out to around 100 calories each – pretty good for a nice rich chocolaty treat! I paired mine with Kraft Fat Free Vanilla Pudding and it was fantastic! I would make these again. :)

easy chocolate muffins


A few weeks back I switched from logging everything in FitDay.com to logging everything in SparkPeople.com. Boy. What a change.

Since February 2006 I have logged almost everyday into my FitDay – I had all my custom foods set up and knew my way around the site backwards and forwards. And then a few weeks ago someone showed me SparkPeople. I immediately liked it better then fitday because it broke my food down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – it also has the fun water glass. I always grouped my meals in fitday by meals so what a pain it was if I ate something else or changed what I ate (I usually pre-enter my day) because then I would have to redo the whole day.

So far I really like SparkPeople, I got over the fact that I had to re-enter all my custom foods and that they site does have a few extra steps involved in adding, removing and editing food. Their site is much larger and I can do so much more with it – like track goals, chat in groups, read articles and more. One thing I can’t seem to get over is some of their food and how you add it to your day (ie. servings/how much you ate).

Here is a question for you, who measures their sour cream by grams? Anyone? I dunno about you guys but taking the sour cream from the container, putting it on the sale to weigh in and then onto my potato sucks big time! Okay, so I won’t be doing that – but does it make too much sense to add measurements like tbsp, tsp or even oz into the options for sour cream?

What about beans, I know that I ate 10 beans but how many cups is that? I have no idea. Or cucumber, I know I had 10 slices of cucumber – how much cups of that? or how much of a cucumber is that?

Maybe I am just being picky, but it seemed FitDay had more options when it came to adding the amounts of food you ate. Stop screaming at me to just go back to FitDay – it is not that easy… okay maybe it is – BUT I really do like SparkPeople I just wish they would fix some of the things that really piss me off.

FitDay really knows how to deal with amounts for food; for example, there are options under milk like ‘per fl oz of coffee’ and for butter ‘guideline per slice of toast’ witch are always really nice options when you don’t measure stuff out exact. I can live with out them I just WISH SparkPeople could add that it.

One thing I think is really cool is that when you search food, other members food comes up – so that is nice – especially when you are looking for more custom stuff like Heniz Ketchup… it is just unfortunate that the calories it pulls are different then the one I eat so I still have to enter a custom food (not their fault). There are also options to share your custom food with friends witch is a neat one if you and a friend eat together a lot, then only one of you need to enter in the food.

I wish SparkPeople had mass delete and edit like Fitday but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too (especially when you are trying to lose weight.)

Anyway, I am going to keep on going with SparkPeople because I do like it, but I won’t be rushing off to delete my FitDay account anytime soon as I still log in a few times a week to get calories for food that SparkPeople is missing – or custom foods I haven’t entered yet. I guess when you spend so long using something you get too used to it – I bet if I am still using SparkPeople a year from now I will forgot I ever even wrote this.

For anyone interested you can still view my daily foods and exercise log here.